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Soros Foundations
OSI’s Roma-related initiatives are generally coordinated and implemented with individual Soros foundations. Find out more about Soros foundations.
10 Goals for Improving Access to Education for Roma
February 2009
This Open Society Institute brochure pinpoints 10 fundamental goals in education that can help secure a bright future for all children in Europe. more
The Right to Education for Every Child: Removing Systemic Barriers to Full Integration of Roma Children
Belgrade, Serbia
June 2, 2009
This international conference will review the results achieved in improving Roma education during the first five years of the Decade of Roma Inclusion, and further elaborate the road map for fulfilling the universal right to quality education for Roma children.  more
Call for Proposals: OSI Roma Decade Matching Fund
March 23, 2009
As part of its support for the Decade of Roma Inclusion, the Open Society Institute offers matching funds for Roma-related projects at the EU or national level. more
New Round of Health Scholarships for Roma Launched in Romania
Press Release
February 25, 2009
The Open Society Institute and the Roma Education Fund launched the second year of a groundbreaking health and pharmacy scholarships program for Roma students and health professionals.  more
Op-Ed: Hard Times, Hardening Attitudes
Bernard Rorke and Valeriu Nicolae
March 18, 2009
The last few months have been tough for European Roma; Europe's leaders need to voice their support for the continent's largest minority more forcefully, write OSI's Bernard Rorke and Valeriu Nicolae.  more
"An Unacceptable Reality": The Situation of Roma in the European Union
George Soros
September 16, 2008
The European Union's greatest need for improvement is in its treatment of the Roma minority, said OSI Chairman George Soros in this keynote address to the EU Roma Summit in Brussels. more
OSI Stories: Young Roma Activists Target Education
September 10, 2008
With OSI support, members of a new generation of Roma leaders are pressing European governments to meet their commitments to improve education. more
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