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22 April| Limnyuy Konglim
Somalia: Pirates Just a Piece of the Puzzle
More than 3 million Somalis are dependent on external assistance; over 1 million are internally displaced; and another 500,000 and counting have sought refuge in neighboring countries. Yet, as the humanitarian situation in Somalia continues to deteriorate, the world is focused on a lone “pirate” in New York. I can’t help but question where our humanity and moral resolve lies.
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Tagged as: Congress, Internal Displacement, Neglected Crises, Somalia, U.S. Administration, United Nations
20 April| Sara Fusco
We’ve got Aces in our Pocket
I’ve spent the entire season of Celebrity Apprentice trying my hardest to stay away from the silly, groan-inducing poker analogies running through my head.  But come on.  After last night’s episode, it simply can’t be avoided any longer.

Refugees International is, thanks to our champion poker player and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Annie Duke, clearly holding pocket aces.  And we just got dealt another ace on the flop last night.  Everyone with me here?
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17 April| Ron Capps
Sudan: Needing a New Portmanteau
In the midst of the Obama administration's policy review on Afghanistan a new word was born: Afpak, meaning Afghanistan and Pakistan. Strategists want to encourage the executors of strategy and policy to think of Afghanistan and Pakistan as a unified theater of operations. The border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan demands a unified approach if NATO and the U.S. are to defeat the Taliban.  So, Afpak it is.  
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Tagged as: Chad, Neglected Crises, Sudan, U.S. Administration
15 April| Matt Dillon
Guest Blogger: Matt Dillon on Supporting South Sudan
When I got home from my visit to south Sudan, a few friends asked how my trip was to Darfur. This is a common error as most people don’t understand that Darfur is only one region of Sudan. With all the much-needed attention devoted to solving the crisis in Darfur, the challenges facing millions of south Sudanese who survived 21 years of war have taken a back seat.  Yet, we will not see peace in all of Sudan – including Darfur – if war returns to south Sudan.
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Tagged as: Anniversary Blogger Series, Neglected Crises, Return and Reintegration, Sudan
13 April| Kenneth Bacon
President’s Corner: Obama Focuses on Iraqi Displacement
When President Obama met with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki in Baghdad last week, he mentioned the U.S. interest in helping displaced Iraqis return home.  Currently, 20% of Iraq’s population is displaced—almost five million people—and it is increasingly clear that neither Iraq nor the region as a whole can be stable and secure as long as this large-scale displacement continues. 
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Tagged as: Internal Displacement, Iraq, Iraq Campaign, Return and Reintegration
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