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Human Rights, Humanitarian, and Faith-Based Groups Back Landmark U.S. Legislation to Help Protect Civilians from the Lord’s Resistance Army
(Washington, D.C. 21 May 2009) – The introduction of legislation in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives earlier this week to commit the United States to comprehensive efforts to help civilians threatened by one of the world’s longest-running and brutal insurgencies is a crucial step forward for U.S. policy in the region, a coalition of twenty-two human rights, humanitarian, and faith-based groups said today.
U.S. Announcement of Aid to Pakistan Insufficient to Meet Massive Scale of Need
Washington, DC - Secretary of State Clinton's announcement providing $110 million in emergency relief for displaced Pakistanis is a positive first step, Refugees International said today.
UN Security Council: Push for Civilian Protection During Congo Visit
(Goma, May 18, 2009) – The United Nations Security Council, visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo beginning today, should press for urgent action to protect civilians, a coalition of 68 aid and human rights groups said today. The groups said the council should make clear to both the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo (MONUC) and the Congolese army that stronger measures to protect civilians are urgently needed during military operations against Rwandan militias.
Annie Duke Wins $700,000 for Refugees International as the second place victor on Celebrity Apprentice
Washington, D.C. – Refugees International thanked Annie Duke today for raising $700,000 for the agency’s life-saving advocacy on Celebrity Apprentice.  The championship poker player took second place in the contest, even though she raised far more money for her charity than Joan Rivers, the winner.  After Annie’s loss, her supporters launched a grassroots internet campaign to raise the $250,000 that Refugees International would have received from developer Donald Trump, the host of the show, and Celebrity Apprentice had she won. 
Refugees International Honors Ted Turner at 30th Anniversary Gala
Washington, D.C. - Refugees International is honoring Ted Turner with the 2009 McCall-Pierpaoli Humanitarian Award this evening as part of the organization's 30th Anniversary Dinner.
Obama Administration Must Act to Protect Displaced Pakistanis
Washington, D.C. – The Obama Administration must respond forcefully to large scale displacement caused by recent fighting in Pakistan, Refugees International urged today.
One Year After Cyclone Nargis: Aid to Burma Still Crucial
Washington, D.C. - One year after Cyclone Nargis struck the Burmese delta on May 2, a sustained effort is still needed to ensure that aid operations continue to assist the Burmese people, Refugees International said today.
Statement on the Nomination of Eric Schwartz as Assistant Secretary of State for PRM
"President Obama's nomination of Eric Schwartz to serve as Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration shows the Obama administration's commitment to the world's 41.9 million refugees and internally displaced people, and 12 million stateless people.
Release: U.S. Must Respond to Humanitarian Crisis in Somalia
Washington, DC - Six American aid agencies today urged the Obama administration to consider humanitarian needs in its policy review on Somalia. As the latest piracy attacks off the coast of Somalia capture the world's attention, humanitarian organizations warned that the country remains in the midst of a severe humanitarian crisis.
Displaced Iraqis Unwilling, Unable to Return Home
Washington, D.C. - The best solution for most displaced Iraqis is to return home, but the Government of Iraq and the international community must first establish safe conditions for them, a new field report by Refugees International (RI) said today.
Refugees International to Honor Ted Turner at Exclusive 30th Anniversary Gala
On Thursday, May 7th, Refugees International (RI) will host its 30th Anniversary Dinner, honoring Ted Turner with the 2009 McCall-Pierpaoli Humanitarian Award. Mr. Turner will be recognized for his inspiring commitment to humanitarian issues, including the establishment of the United Nations Foundation and the creation of CNN, which is renowned for bringing humanitarian crises to light.
Somalia: Humanitarian Crisis Requires Greater U.S. Diplomacy
Washington, D.C. -A new government in Somalia has so far meant little to the more than three million Somalis in need of emergency assistance inside the country, Refugees International (RI) said in its latest field report today.
Congressional Testimony Warns Greater Attention to Displaced Iraqis Needed to Stabilize Iraq
As security in Iraq improves, refugees and internally displaced Iraqis are starting to return home, but the returns are slow and tentative. The new security climate in Iraq has not yet translated into increases in the provision of services to displaced Iraqis and more must be done to assist and protect them.
New Report: South Sudan On the Brink of Collapse
Washington, D.C. - The U.S. must immediately work with the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) to secure an emergency financial rescue package in order to avoid a breakdown of law and order, Refugees International (RI) urged in a new field report today. The U.S. must also help the GoSS build basic social services, create jobs and expand agricultural opportunities for the millions of people who have returned to south Sudan and the communities that have received them. 
New Report, Survey Urges Stronger Nationality Rights for 12 Million People
Despite gains made in recent years, more forceful efforts are needed to assist 12 million stateless people who hold no effective nationality, Refugees International revealed in a new report today. Nationality Rights for All: A Progress Report and Global Survey on Statelessness highlights how stateless people lack access to basic services and receive no legal protection.
Lives of Over 1 Million Displaced Darfuris Threatened
The Government of Sudan’s expulsion of more than a dozen non-governmental organizations from Darfur has put the lives of over a million displaced people at risk. It should immediately rescind its decision and allow these organizations to resume operations.
Joint Statement on ICC Arrest Warrant for President al-Bashir
We welcome today’s decision by the judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to issue an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. Their decision adds international legal weight to a long obvious truth - primary responsibility for the atrocities in Darfur rests with the regime that Bashir heads.
Over 40 U.S.-based Organizations Applaud President Obama's Promise to Help Iraqis Impacted by the War in Iraq
Writing to President Barack Obama in response to his new Iraq strategy, more than 40 leading U.S.-based organizations praise the President’s promise to help vulnerable Iraqis and call for a comprehensive humanitarian, development and refugee resettlement strategy led by civilian agencies.
Don't Forget Iraqi Refugees: Refugees International Launches Campaign Urging Obama to Help Iraqi Refugees
As President Obama works to stabilize Iraq, he must be sure to comprehensively address the Iraqi refugee crisis. Five million Iraqis have been uprooted by conflict, forced to leave everything behind. They have sought refuge within Iraq, Syria, Jordan and other neighboring countries. They are running out of resources with little opportunity for employment; access to food, heath care, education and other essential services is extremely limited.
Escalating Displacement in Pakistan Highlights Need to Protect Civilians
Washington D.C. - Alarming increases in the number of displaced people in Pakistan must lead Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke to make the protection of civilians a top U.S. policy priority in Pakistan, Refugees International (RI) said today.
Release: Somalia Crisis Needs Immediate Attention by Secretary of State Designate Hillary Clinton
Washington, D.C. – Secretary of State designate Hillary Clinton should address the humanitarian and political crisis in Somalia as soon as she takes office, Refugees International urged today after the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved her nomination. Refugees International congratulated Mrs. Clinton on receiving approval by the Senate panel, but urged quick action. Somalia faces the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and the U.S. should play a lead role in addressing the political chaos at the root of the issue.
US: Award to Uribe Sends Wrong Message
US President George W. Bush’s decision to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to President Álvaro Uribe of Colombia is a disturbing example of the Bush administration’s disregard for serious human rights concerns out of zeal to show unconditional support to governments that it views as strategic allies, seven leading  nongovernmental organizations said today.
Thai Government Recklessly Imperils Migrant and Refugee Lives
The Government of Thailand should instruct its Army to desist from its new and troubling policy of pushing refugees and migrants intercepted on boats back out to sea.  The boat people are primarily stateless Burmese Rohingya escaping severe oppression and harsh poverty at home, but also include some Bangladeshi migrants.  Both groups board boats of varying seaworthiness with the aim of finding security and economic opportunity in Thailand and Malaysia. The Thai government is detaining them on a remote island and then forcing them back out to sea.  The policy endangers their lives, and exposes them to the risk of capsizing or sinking.
No Exit for Civilians in Gaza in the Midst of War
The current conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas is having a
devastating impact on civilians. An immediate ceasefire is essential.
Matt Dillon, Sarah Jessica Parker and RI Host George Packer’s Betrayed at the Kennedy Center
On Monday, January 12th, 2009 Matt Dillon and Sarah Jessica Parker will join Refugees International to host a one-night only performance of the critically acclaimed George Packer play, Betrayed, at the Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theater.
Release: UN Discussions Will Not Resolve Lawlessness and Impunity in Somalia
Washington, D.C. - United Nations Security Council members must develop a strategy in ongoing discussions on piracy in Somalia that addresses the root causes of the problem, Refugees International (RI) urged today.
Statement of Ken Bacon on the Nomination of Senator Hillary Clinton to Secretary of State
"As Secretary of State, Senator Hillary Clinton will face opportunities to broker solutions to the major refugee crises in the world today. Secretary Robert Gates, General James Jones and Susan Rice are all committed to multilateral solutions to the 21st century's most challenging foreign policy issues, and will help President-elect Obama retain military strength while building strong civilian capacity in the U.S. government to resolve international crises.
Troop Deployment to DR Congo Good First Step; Immediate Action Still Needed
Washington, DC - Refugees International welcomed the passage of today's UN Security Council Resolution authorizing the temporary deployment of 3,000 new peacekeepers and police for the DR Congo. However, the organization continued to express concern that the people in eastern Congo who lack access to services or protection from harm could not wait three to six months before any troops would be deployed. Refugees International continued to call for the European Union to immediately deploy a short-term rapid reaction force that can defend strategic towns until UN reinforcements arrive, and allow the UN peacekeeping mission to reorganize itself.
Few Iraqi Refugees Willing to Return Home
Refugees International reports that support to Iraqis in neighboring countries must be continued
Suicide Bombings in Somaliland Threaten Humanitarian Assistance
Nairobi, Kenya -- Refugees International (RI) expressed grave concern today over the multiple suicide bomb attacks in Hargeisa, Somaliland and the implications this violence will have on the provision of international assistance in the region. RI is particularly disturbed over the targeting of a United Nations compound, which echoes a pattern of attacks on the UN in the southern part of Somalia in recent months.
UN Peacekeeping Mission Requires More Resources to Stem Violence in DR Congo
UN Peacekeeping Mission Requires More Resources to Stem Violence in DR Congo
Conflicting mandate and lack of political support have hampered UN Peacekeepers' capacity to respond
Refugees International Reveals Consequences of Millions of Stateless Children with no Effective Nationality
Washington, DC - Millions of stateless children around the world are being denied education, health care, and the basic rights that accompany citizenship, Refugees International revealed in a new report today.
Release: AFRICOM Launch Marks Increased U.S. Military Role in Africa
AFRICOM Launch Marks Increased U.S. Military Role in Africa
Release: Iraq's $80 Billion Budget Ignores Displaced Iraqis
Refugees International accused the Government of Iraq of ignoring the welfare of four million displaced Iraqis after an Iraqi parliamentary committee made its third request this year for funding to assist them. As the Iraqi parliamentary committee on displacement and migration requested $4 billion of next year's $78.8 billion budget, Refugees International called on the Government of Iraq to immediately provide the requested funding and design a strategy to adequately respond to the crisis.
Release: U.S. Goals for Iraqi Refugees are Inadequate
Release: First Lady Laura Bush Visit Highlights Need for Aid to Burmese
Joint Release: RD Congo - Le processus de paix fragile, des civils en danger
Release: Proliferation of Armed Groups Wreaking Havoc in Rural Colombia
Release: Report Challenges Militarization of US Foreign Aid
Release: Relocation of Palestinian Refugees to Sudan is Not a Lasting Solution
Release: Worsening Crisis in Afghanistan Requires Increased Support
Release: New Displacement in Córdoba Requires Urgent Response by Colombian Government
Release: First-Ever Legislation to Prevent and Reduce Statelessness Introduced into U.S. House of Representatives
Release: RI Calls on African Nations to Protect Zimbabweans Fleeing Violence
Release: NGOs Call on African Union to Improve Protection of and Assistance to IDPs
Release: Iraqi Gov't Unprepared for Large Influx of Returning Refugees
Release: Burmese Regime Must Stop Forcible Returns
Release: Humanitarian Orgs Call on Congress to Increase Funding for Burmese Cyclone
Release: Refugees International Welcomes New Board Members
Release: U.S. Should Offer Aid to Help Cyclone Victims in Burma
Release: Statement by Melanie Teff on Greater International Support of the CPA
Release: RI to Honor Mia Farrow and Ronan Farrow at 29th Anniversary Dinner
Release: End The Horrific Suffering in Eastern Congo
Refugees International to be Honored with the Khalil Gibran "Spirit of Humanity" Award
Release: Somalia Most Neglected Crisis in the World
Release: 5th Anniversary Marks Continuing Struggles for Iraqi Refugees
Release: Iraqi Refugees Find Legal Footing in Lebanon
Release: Iraqi Refugee Resettlement Continues to Lag Behind Targets
Release: Refugees International Condemns Police Raid in Johannesburg
Release: Statement by Mark Malan on the Kivus Conference on Peace, Security and Development
Press Release: Refugees International Condemns Iraqi Government for Cutting Food Rations by 50 percent
Press Release: Returning Iraqi Refugees Face Difficult Conditions
Press Release: Call for U.S. to Address Burmese Refugee Crisis through Smart Sanctions and Increased Aid
Comunicado de Prensa: Tres Medidas Importantes para Ayudar a la Población Desplazada Colombiana
Release: Statement by Joel Charny on the Meeting Between President Bush and Congolese President, Joseph Kabila
UN Security Council Must Condemn Burma Violence
Press Release: Iraqi Refugee Resettlement Numbers Miss the Mark
Press Release: Kennedy-Smith Bill is First Step to Addressing Iraqi Refugee Crisis
Press Release: Refugees International Urges Greater Assistance To Iraqi Refugees During Gen. Petraeus Testimony
Press Release: U.S. Call for Assistance to Iraqi Refugees Must Lead to Greater Action
Press Release: RI and 36 Groups Call for Direct Bilateral Funding to Countries Hosting Iraqi Refugees
Report on Sudanese Laws Exposes System that Compounds Rape Victims’ Trauma
Statement on New Screening Procedures for Iraqi Refugees
Congress Increases Resettlement of Iraqi Allies
Congressional Bill Finally Addressing Iraqi Refugee Crisis
Refugees International Urges Concrete Action at International Conference on Iraqi Refugees
New Report Describes Lack of Response to Displaced People Inside Iraq
Refugees International Applauds International Criminal Court Actions Against Darfur Atrocities
Refugees International applauds the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for presenting evidence which indicates that a former Minister of State for the Interior of the Government of the Sudan and a leader of the Janjaweed militia jointly committed crimes against civilians in Darfur.
Refugees International to Assess Internal Displacement in Colombia Prior to Visit by UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Senate Hearing on Iraqi Refugees Highlights World’s Fastest-Growing Displacement Crisis
Joint Press Statement on the conclusion of the visit by Governor Bill Richardson to the Sudan
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