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Seeking Accountability for Torture—Photography as Evidence
Panelists discuss the photographs of detainee torture, and the role that photography plays in providing accountability for abuses and depicting the human stories behind them.
OSI Forum: Organizing in the Obama Era
Veteran organizers Zack Exley, Ai-jen Poo, and Zephyr Teachout examined the perils and the promise of mass civic participation.
OSI Forum: Kyrgyzstan—Contradictory Changes?
This panel looked at Kyrgyzstan's social and political landscape, which appears to be heating up in a series of high-profile developments that many observers relate to the upcoming presidential elections.
OSI Forum: Prosecuting Heads of State
This panel event explored the issue of accountability for former heads of state who committed human rights violations and other abuses while in power.
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After Mandela and Mbeki—The Future of South Africa
OSI-New York
May 27, 2009
The Open Society Institute, together with The Nation magazine, hosted a conversation on the politics of South Africa following that country’s presidential elections.
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OSI Supports Screening of Two Afghan Films at Human Rights Festival
May 6, 2009
The Open Society Institute is a presenting partner of two films at the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival from June 11 to 25 in New York City.
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Shadows and Light: Oil, Power, and the Niger Delta
September 2008
In this multimedia piece by OSI and the Revenue Watch Institute, a photographer and activist describe the struggles of Niger Delta citizens and the dire need for fair and responsible revenue management.
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Katrina: An Unnatural Disaster
Designed to spark continuing national discussion of the social and economic impact of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, this multimedia website features the work of OSI's Katrina Media Fellows.
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