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Copyright in the Information Age
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Copyright in the Information Age
Copyright issues are increasingly relevant and important to members of the academic community. They affect not only the protection of your own work but also the ways in which you use the works of others in your teaching, learning, and research or in the production of new works. They also implicate the University itself when members of the community use the University's networks to carry out illegal activities. Georgetown University has prepared this guide as an introduction to copyright for faculty and students.
The way that copyright law affects teaching, learning, and research has been complicated by the electronic environment. This document provides general information, but copyright issues in the digital environment are complex and not at all settled. If you have questions about copyright, please contact
Deborah Cook, Head of Access Services, Lauinger Library (202-687-7461 or dac42@georgetown.edu​)
Dahlgren Memorial Library (202-687-1448 or medref@georgetown.edu
Kumar Percy Jayasuriya, Associate Law Librarian for Patron Services
(202 662-9151 or hrp6@law.georgetown.edu​)
The Office of University Counsel (202-687-6457).
For information about the intellectual property rights of faculty and staff who create or collaborate on creating digital materials for teaching and research, see the Revised Section VIII: Copyright and Collections of Information in the University's Patent and Copyright Policy.
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