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University NetID Services
NetID Tools
Change your NetID password
If you have a temporary password, use this tool to create a permanent one. If you feel your existing password is no longer secure, use this tool to create a new password.
Review or change your e-mail routing
You control where your @georgetown.edu routing delivers messages. Use this tool to check where your mail is currently going or to update the routing. Note that the University will communicate with you using your @georgetown.edu e-mail routing address, so it is your responsibility to keep it up-to-date.
Administrative NetID/Alias request forms
Adminstrative NetIDs and aliases are used when a "generic" NetID is required. Both have an @georgetown.edu e-mail routing address that can be used to receive e-mail.
Some Special NetID Situations
Info for new employees
While NetID-enabled services are automatically provisioned for Georgetown employees, there are some additional steps that each new employee must take.
Info for new affiliates
University Affiliates--people connected to Georgetown but not paid through University Payroll--are eligible for some services and must be sponsored for others.  Here are some steps that a new affiliate or their manager must take.
Don't know your NetID password?
There are two methods of resetting a password--presenting an ID in person or faxing in to the appropriate Help Desk.
More than one NetID?
People have two NetIDs as a result of a mismatch of identifiers in the core systems that feed the NetID system. This section explains the causes and solutions to the problem.
Departing employees
When the staff member departs some electronic accounts automatically become inactive and other require manual intervention.
Directory Information
There are a number of avenues to view your directory information. Checking the online directory requires no password, but only gives a portion of a person's complete contact information. Staff and faculty who know their NetID password can log into Directory Access+ to view the complete listing as it appears in the printed Georgetown University telephone book.
View your online directory entry
Log into Directory Access+ to view your directory entry
Students--Contact your Registrar's Office to request changes to your directory information including any misspellings in your name.
Faculty and Staff--Contact your department's directory coordinator (available in Directory Access+) to have changes made. You can write the phonebook @ georgetown.edu to find the name of your directory coordinator if you are unable to log into DA+.
E-mail address disclaimer
Georgetown University issues an e-mail address to faculty and staff at the time of employment and to students who confirm intent to matriculate. Georgetown University also provides an e-mail forwarding service for alumni. Opinions expressed through georgetown.edu e-mail addresses do not necessarily represent the official views of Georgetown University.
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