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Academic Advising & Mentoring
Nurturing your intellectual interests and College experience
Students enter Georgetown College with many interests. The College welcomes these students into the life of the university through an advising structure designed to inform students of the many curricular options and programs available to them and to help them make responsible choices which nurture their intellectual interests.

The academic advisement of students in the College is shared by members of the dean's staff and the College's faculty:
  • Dean of the College: Chester Gillis
  • First-year advising: Hubert Cloke, Thomas Chiarolanzio, Fr. Ryan J. Maher, S.J., Erin Curtin
  • Sophomore advising: Tad Howard, Jessica Ciani-Dausch
  • Junior advising: Bernard Cook, Ali Whitmer, Keshia B. Woods
  • Senior advising: Anne Sullivan, Sue Lorenson
See the full Dean's Office Staff Directory.
Students entering the College with declared majors in math, science, languages, and linguistics require specialized advice from the start of their degree and are assigned a faculty adviser in their major as they enter. The advising of undeclared students is conducted by the first-year deans.

Advising takes several forms in the first year. All students are expected to meet with a member of the dean's staff to discuss their intellectual interests and academic goals, and to construct a preliminary, non-binding four-year plan. This provides an opportunity for students to explore the full range of
curricular options available to them in the College, and to discuss possibilities such as study overseas.
All students are encouraged to establish close intellectual relationships with their faculty. This is one of the objectives of the first-year seminar opportunities and of the mentoring program available to undeclared students in the spring semester. Faculty advisors are assigned at the time of major declaration and guide students through all aspects of degree completion. All of these opportunities allow faculty to build on their shared intellectual experience with their students to foster the habits of reflection and integration, to discuss their students' reading and writing, and to create an intellectual and imaginative context in which the student evolves his or her major and minor interests.
College Peer Advisors
The transition from high school to the College can be overwhelming. Current students serve as College Peer Advisors who are extremely helpful to new students during this transition period by sharing experiences, lending insight, and responding to an array of questions and concerns. Peer advisors contact incoming students over the summer to introduce themselves and answer questions and assist new students with the preregistration process over the summer. Peer advisors also work closely with the Dean's Office and faculty advisors and maintain contact with students throughout the year.

Senior Associate Dean Hugh Cloke advises a student.
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