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25 Mar 2010 - 04 Dec 2011
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Annual review
Annual review
The 2007-2008 annual review celebrates creativity and innovation in the work of the BBC World Service Trust.
Creativity is central to our work. As Radharani Mitra, Creative Director of our India office says: "the heart of our work is creativity and ideas. Creativity is part of our DNA".
This approach helped Radharani and her team to reach more than 100 million people in India through the hugely successful "Condom, Condom" multi-media HIV and AIDS awareness campaign.
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Download the annual review 07/08 (pdf)
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The 2006-2007 annual review highlights the positive role of the media in the developing world.
Chairman of the BBC World Service Trust, Nigel Chapman, highlights the impact that media can have on positive social change in a global environment. He illustrates how the production of ground-breaking, high-quality content has changed lives for the better in the developing world.
Download the annual review 06/07 (pdf)

Download the financial report 06/07 (pdf)
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