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Today’s auction of 3-month and 6-month SEK loans with variable rate has now been completed
07/09/2009 No bids were received in the auctions.  Read more
New calendar information regarding spring 2010
04/09/2009 The calendar has been updated to include dates of Executive Board meetings and publication dates of Monetary policy report and Stability Report during spring 2010.   Read more
More surveys of the money market agents
04/09/2009 From 1 September 2009, TNS Sifo Prospera will, on behalf of the Riksbank, conduct surveys of inflation expectations and other factors 12 times a year instead of, as now, four times a year.   Read more
Interest rate decision on 2 September 2009
03/09/2009 Follow the link for a list of questions and answers on the interest rate decision on 2 September 2009   Read more
Repo rate held unchanged at 0.25 per cent
03/09/2009 The signs of a turnaround in the economy have become increasingly clear, but the recovery is from a low level. To contribute to a stable recovery, the Executive Board of the Riksbank has decided to hold the repo rate unchanged at 0.25 per cent. The repo rate is expected to remain at this low level over the coming year.   Read more
Riksbank offers new fixed-rate loans
03/09/2009 The Executive Board of the Riksbank has decided to offer loans to the banks at a fixed interest rate and with a maturity of approximately 12 months. This should contribute to continued low interest rates on loans to companies and households.   Read more
Lending with commercial paper as collateral
03/09/2009 The loans with collateral in commercial paper will be phased out. The auction on 2 September was the last one.  Read more
New schedule for loans in SEK at variable interest rate
03/09/2009 The Riksbank publishes today a new schedule for loans in SEK at variable interest rate. As of 1 June, the loans are offered at maturities of approximately 3, 6 and 12 months. The maturities applying in coming auctions during the autumn are shown in the schedule published.  Read more
On 7 September the Riksbank offers new SEK loans (3 and 6 months)
Today's auctions of SEK loans with corporate paper as collateral and variable rate has now been completed (maturity 3 and 6 months)
How does the Riksbank control interest rates?
Financial Market Statistics, July 2009. Press release on Statistics Sweden’s website
On 2 September the Riksbank offers new SEK loans against commercial paper (84 and 168 days)
News archive 
09/09/2009 15:00
Deputy Governor Lars Nyberg will give the speech "The Baltic region in the shadow of the financial crisis"
11/09/2009 08:30
The Riksbank will host a conference in recognition of the fact that it is 10 years since the Riksbank became independent.
16/09/2009 09:30
The minutes of the executive Board's monetary policy meeting from 2 September will be published
18/09/2009 08:00
Deputy Governor Karolina Ekholm will give the speech "Balancing monetary policy – when theory meets practice"
24/09/2009 13:00
Executive Board meeting

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Applies from 9 September 2009. Next monetary policy meeting will be on 21 October 2009.
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Minutes of the Executive Board´s monetary policy meeting
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The next Monetary Policy Report will be published on 22 October 2009
Monetary Policy Report
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Asset management at the Riksbank
Sveriges Riksbank is Sweden’s central bank and a public authority under the Riksdag, the Swedish parliament.  The Riksbank is responsible for conducting monetary policy, the objective of which is to maintain a low and stable level of inflation. The Bank also has the task of ensuring that payments in the economy can be made safely and efficiently.
Chat with Stefan Ingves 3 September
Governor Stefan Ingves chatted in Swedish on the Riksbank's website. Follow the link for a translation into English of the questions and replies. Read more
Economic commentaries: No serious credit crunch in Sweden
This Economic Commentary examines whether there are any signs indicating a credit crunch in Sweden. The authors examine the debt financing of both households and companies, as well as Swedish banks’ lending capacity. Read more
Financial turbulence - the Riksbank's response
The Riksbank has taken a number of actions as a result of the current financial turbulence. This page contains links to the information that we have published in connection with this.Read more
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