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08 May 2006 - 23 Aug 2011
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Swedish market rates
A market rate is the rate agents are prepared to pay for various types of credits. It is priced according to supply and demand.
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STIBOR Fixing includes:
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1-week duration
1-month duration
2-months duration
3-months duration
6-months duration
9-months duration, and
12-months duration
Treasury bills includes:
1-month duration
3-months duration
6-months duration, and
12-months duration
Treasury bonds includes:
2-years duration
5-years duration
7-years duration
10-years duration
Fixing rates include:
3-months duration
6-months duration, and
5-years duration
Mortgage bonds include:
2-years duration
5-years duration
Corporate certificates include:
3-months duration, and
6-months duration.
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It is possible to use the advanced search function to search individual series for both interest rates and exchange rates and also to choose calculation method and which format the results will be displayed in. Select Advanced search among interest rates and exchange rates on the left.

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