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13 Oct 1999 - 13 May 2021
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Embassy Receptions
Party Time
National Day Receptions Serve As Rites of Passage at Area Hotels

Hilton Headquarters
Hospitality Capital
As Area Becomes Hilton’s New Home, D.C. Cements Status as Industry Powerhouse

Gifted and Talented
The Myths of Gifts
Experts Warn of Downsides to Being Above-Average

Worldly Curriculum
The Real World
From Iraq War to Modified Food, Lessons Incorporate Current Affairs

Prince Pitches In
Jordanian Ambassador, Staff Volunteer to Help Spruce Up Local D.C. School

Libya: Special Supplement 2009
Cover Profile: Honduras
Local Diplomatic Rift Emblematic of Divide Tearing Honduras Apart
by Larry Luxner
Within days of his ouster, Honduran President Manuel Zelaya replaced Ambassador Roberto Flores Bermudez in Washington with loyalist Eduardo Enrique Reina García — a mini-drama in the greater soap opera that’s tearing Honduras apart.

Also See: Former Honduran Ambassador Puts Faith in Upcoming Elections

People of World Influence
Stimson Center Takes Pragmatic Steps Toward Ideal Foreign Policy Goals
by John Shaw
Ellen Laipson, president of the Henry L. Stimson Center, says that in addition to all the ideas that think tanks such as hers regularly churn out, they also do something far more fundamental: They inject actual policy debate into the political rancor.

Reality or Politics Shaping U.S. ‘Sponsors of Terrorism’ Blacklist?
by Larry Luxner
The U.S. “state sponsors of terrorism” blacklist has far-reaching implications for the four “bad boys” on the list, but critics charge that the list has less to do with reality and more to do with political expediency

Richardson Tries to Help U.S. Decipher Pyongyang Puzzle
by Michael Coleman
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is one of the rare U.S. officials with firsthand insight into North Korea, whose diplomats recently paid him a visit in Santa Fe after a summer of mixed signals from Pyongyang.

Undermanned and Overstretched, U.N. Struggles to Keep the Peace
by Mark Hilpert
With U.N. peacekeepers in high demand, the world’s 113,000 “blue helmets” are overstretched, undermanned and struggling to keep the peace.

International Affairs
Career Diplomat Hopes to Put Thailand on Steadier Footing
by Michael Coleman
Don Pramudwinai, Thailand’s new ambassador, is a beacon of stability in the swirling tempest of political turmoil that has engulfed his homeland in recent years.

Being Deviant to Stop Leading Cause of Preventable Hospital Deaths in U.S.
by Gina Shaw
Every year, nearly 200,000 people die during hospitalization, not from the disease or injury that put them in the hospital in the first place, but from a largely preventable condition that critics say patients shouldn’t take lying down.

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