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9 Feb 2010 - 9 Jun 2010
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John Carroll History
Since 1952, John Carroll Weekend has traveled to a different city each year, gathering the local Georgetown community and alumni, students, faculty, parents, family members and friends from around the globe to celebrate the best of Georgetown. The weekend of educational, social and cultural events offers participants the chance to engage with one another and with Georgetown's outstanding faculty and university leaders, and to learn more about the host city.
The last two John Carroll weekends, held in New York City and Madrid, introduced guests to such notable figures as President Bill Clinton (F'68), Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Former Prime Minister of Spain José María Aznar at special ceremonies and receptions, and gave guests exclusive access to venues including the USS Intrepid and a private salon at Casino de Madrid.
2009 New York, N.Y.
2008 Madrid, Spain
2007 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
2006 Las Vegas, Nev.
2005 Chicago, Ill.
2004 Philadelphia, Pa.
2003 Puerto Rico
2002 Paris, France
2001 San Francisco, Calif.
2000 Boca Raton, Fla.
1999 Cleveland, Ohio
1998 New York, N.Y.
1997 Oahu, Hawaii
1996 Atlanta, Ga.
1995 St. Louis, Mo.
1994 Boston, Mass.
1993 London, England
1992 Los Angeles, Calif.
1991 Miami, Fla.
1990 Philadelphia, Pa.
1989 Washington, D.C.
1988 Not held (moved from fall to spring)
1987 New Orleans, La.
1986 Chicago, Ill.
1985 Puerto Rico
1984 Baltimore, Md.
1983 San Francisco, Calif.
1982 Boston, Mass.
1981 Meadowlands, N.J.
1980 Atlanta, Ga.
1979 Newport, R.I.
1978 Detroit, Mich.
1977 Tulsa, Okla.
1976 Hershey, Pa.
1975 San Francisco, Calif.
1974 St. Louis, Mo.
1973 Orlando, Fla.
1972 Washington, D.C.
1971 Boston, Mass.
1970 Chicago, Ill.
1969 Los Angeles, Calif.
1968 Philadelphia, Pa.
1967 St. Louis, Mo.
1966 San Francisco, Calif.
1965 Bridgeport, Conn.
1964 Washington, D.C.
1963 New York, N.Y.
1962 Rochester, N.Y.
1961 Providence, R.I.
1960 Cleveland, Ohio
1959 Detroit, Mich.
1958 Pittsburgh, Pa.
1957 Wilmington, Del.
1956 Chicago, Ill.
1955 Boston, Mass.
1954 New York, N.Y.
1953 Washington, D.C.
1952 Washington, D.C.

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