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Damaged banknotes
Here you can read what to do if you have a damaged banknote.
The Riksbank's regulations (RBFS 2009:1) on the redemption of banknotes and coins
The Riksbank's regulations (RBFS 2009:1) on the redemption of banknotes and coins stipulate the following:

§ The Riksbank will redeem damaged and mutilated genuine notes on condition that the Riksbank deems that there is no reason to assume that:
a) the note was acquired by criminal means, or
b) the redemption procedure may conceal that someone has profited as the result of criminal activity.

The Riksbank will redeem the notes
1. for the full amount if at least two-thirds of the entire banknote remain intact, or
2. for half the amount if less than two-thirds, but more than one-third, of the entire banknote remain intact.

This means that the Riksbank will redeem damaged banknotes providing there is no reason to assume that they have been subject to criminal activity, for example a security transport robbery.
The remains of the note must be in one piece. The banknote number does not have to be on the remaining piece.

How to redeem a damaged banknote
If you have a damaged banknote you can normally take it to a bank to replace it. If the bank does not replace the banknote you can send it together with the completed form (see the link below) to:

Sveriges Riksbank
Box 170
SE-431 22 Mölndal

Do you have any questions?
If you have any questions, please contact the Riksbank's office in Mölndal, telephone: +46-31-334 28 06.
Form for Request for the redemption of damaged/discoloured/stained Swedish banknotes | 128 Kb
The Riksbank's regulations (RBFS 2009:1) on the redemption of notes and coins | 45 Kb
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