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22 Jan 2009 - 29 Dec 2011
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Moeed Ahmad
Head of New Media
Moeed has been with Al Jazeera since 2005 and is currently heading the New Media team. His primary responsibility is to develop Al Jazeera's New Media strategy focusing on distribution, contribution and audience engagement.
Moeed graduated from the University of Toronto in 2003. He is a proponent of Open Source technologies and takes a keen interest in evangelizing for initiatives such as Creative Commons which enable knowledge and media sharing.
Riyaad Minty
Senior New Media Analyst
Riyaad Minty grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. At the age of 19, he when he founded his first mobile technology company. During its first year, the company brokered deals with various blue chip companies from every continent.
In 2006 Riyaad joined the Al Jazeera Network, where he currently works as part of the New Media team, specialising in mobile and social media.
Riyaad values a strong sense of community and is regularly asked to present workshops in his home country, South Africa.
In his spare time, Riyaad enjoys traveling with his wife, blogging and photography.
Safdar Mustafa
Head of Mobile Media Unit
Safdar Mustafa currently heads up the Mobile Media unit at the Al Jazeera Network. Some of the New Media projects and services that his team are working on include the Journalists mobile toolkit, field reporting applications and development and deployment of Al Jazeera News websites. Safdar particularly specialises in the growing role of mobiles in field reporting. He is spearheading an initiative that involves closely working with field reporters by equipping them with advanced mobile tools to enhance reporting. Safdar has a passion for Superbikes but has resisted replacing his bright green Kawasaki Ninja since moving to Qatar. Previous to joining Al Jazeera, Safdar worked in the UK for Ericsson, Lucent Technologies and IBM.
Muhammad Basheer
Junior Internet Analyst
Ammar Mohammed
Junior Internet Analyst
Morad Rayyan
Senior Internet Engineer
Morad Rayyan is IT professional specialized in New Media development and has special interest in networking "routing" as well as programming.
Morad is currently working for Al Jazeera Network, New Media as Internet Analyst.
Nasser Hussain Al-Saadi
Junior Internet Analyst
My name is Nasser Hussain Al-Saadi. Graduated recently from Qatar University and my major is BBA.
I started to use computers since 1995 with windows 3.1 and started to use internet since 1998.
I established my first website in 2003 and since that day my passion of websites designing and programming took a part of my life.
Stopped for one year to finish my degree, but I’m back now with New Media Team in Aljazeera Network and I’m enjoying the work.
I like to travel and to know about other cultures. I enjoy volunteering works and to participate in youth conferences.
Now I’m looking forward to be active and creative with new media team, learn new language which is Spanish and finally to expand my knowledge about few programming languages.
Mohamed Nanabhay
Former Head of New Media
Mohamed Nanabhay is the former Head of New Media at the Al Jazeera Network. He joined Al Jazeera in 2004.
Prior to joining Al Jazeera, he worked at KPMG where he provided security, privacy and continuity consulting to South Africa's leading businesses. In 2005 Mohamed was awarded the Thomas Fitzgerald Award by Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) for outstanding achievement in the field of information assurance.
He has spoken around the world on online media issues, including Washington DC (USA), Sydney (Australia), Doha (Qatar), and Grahamstown (South Africa).
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