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15 Jul 2009 - 8 Aug 2013
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About Us
It's all about communication. Websites communicate, that's all they have to do, it's really that simple. We know how to communicate.
We build best-of-breed content management and social apps. we work with our clients to produce award-wining solutions. We are full-service, we can help you get the most out of digital.
Our TYPO3 expertise is well recognised, we have been the main UK developers of the system for over five years and most recently have developed a very smart front end interface for it called 'involve'.
Agencies thrive from creative thinking. in digital, this goes beyond visual design, into the design of the entire digital experience. Leading agencies are recognising this and as such bring us in to consult on campaigns, apps and creative strategy.
We are frequently required by organisations with in-house creative skills who need technical guidance.
We are early adopters of new technology and techniques and obsessive in finding ways that these can benefit our clients. We are regularly featured in the internet press where we write about emerging technologies. We know our stuff and we can share this with you.
We love being involved in the bigger picture, sharing our experience and helping to define projects.
Established 1998
Recognised Open Source Experts
Winner of BT Digital Music Award 2007
Featured in 2008 Google showcase