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28 Feb 2010
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We are a full-service web company. We are early adopters of new technology and techniques and are obsessive in finding ways that these can benefit our clients.
We develop web apps for a huge range of purposes, yet we approach them all from the same viewpoint: the user. An unused web app is a useless app.
We are recognised for our work with the open source content management system (CMS) TYPO3. TYPO3 is a popular CMS currently used by over one million website globally. We have worked with it for the past seven years and are the main UK agency working with it. We make TYPO3 easy.
When the job is all done, we'll support it for you, and host it. Either on dedicated through our partners Rackspace, or on hugely scalable cloud hosting. Using Amazon's elastic cloud (EC2) we provide our clients with unrivaled scalability and resilience. We love the cloud.
We pride ourselves in providing high quality service to our customers. We become involved in the bigger picture, sharing our experience and helping our customers to define projects.