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15 Jul 2009 - 12 Mar 2010
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A long held ethos of 3ev has been to design for users, not designers -this statement has been on our website since we started in 1998, and it still holds true.
We believe it is essential for our designers and information architects to be familiar with the technology that they are designing for. Our designers are fully capable of producing designs that take make best use of the technologies available to them. Our aim is to complement the user experience rather than compromise it.
The design process begins with defining the user experience through a phase of wireframing. Alongside these, creative concepts will be developed for presentation at a face to face meeting where our designer can demonstrate the suggested route forward.
As we like to Make best use of AJAX technologies, this can require that a design concept storyboard is created, that's why we'll often put together a quick flash demonstration to illustrate in-page transitions and functionality.
Websites should be fast and attractive -they are best if they look cool, work well and are used.
We design for users not designers