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Obama and Civic Idealism
Michael Sandel: Obama can still redefine liberalism, but he must bring economic power to heel.
The Lion at Rest
Thomas Oliphant: Ted Kennedy's greatness lay in his surprisingly rigorous self-awareness.
Out of the Rubble
Amy Wilentz: Do we create more caring communities in the wake of natural catastrophes? Depends on what "we" you mean.
The Courage of Our Contradictions
William Galston: A new liberalism must reflect not only on our permanent beliefs, but also on many Americans' reservations about them. A response to E.J. Dionne, Jr.
Clinton's Foundations
Matthew Cooper: Bill Clinton acted on principle far more often than you may think.
German Lessons
Clay Risen: Should progressives frustrated with our democracy pine for a parliamentary system? In a word—nein.
That Old College Lie
Kevin Carey: Are our colleges teaching students well? No. But here's how to make them.
The Next War on Poverty
Peter Edelman: Conventional wisdom aside, some '60s-era inner-city programs have been a success. Now it's time for Obama to launch phase two.
Federalism and Its Discontents
Greg Anrig: The states are drowning. The best life-preserver that Washington can throw at them is to take over Medicaid.
The Cairo Conundrum
Shadi Hamid: Egypt is the linchpin to America's Middle East policy—a policy that must make interests reinforce ideals, rather than conflict with them.
Obama Proposes Consumer Financial Protection Agency
News: President Barack Obama has proposed the creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency, an idea first written about in Democracy.
Michael Tomasky to Become Editor of Democracy
News: Michael Tomasky, a highly respected writer and editor with more than 20 years' experience covering American politics and helping to define and update progressive ideas, will join Democracy: A Journal of Ideas as its Editor.

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