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29 Aug 2011 - 22 Nov 2021
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Eidolon Films
Joined July 2008
Washington, DC
Our Vision
From time immemorial, storytelling has been the medium through which we have passed down history, shared important information and inspired progressive agendas. At Eidolon, we continue this tradition through documentary film, using story to inspire, engage and inform the world about your mission. We are committed to character-driven stories and to high aesthetics. We like to think of our films as truly moving images; a series of well-composed and striking photographs.

What We Do
Eidolon Films is a full-service documentary film production company, meaning that we work with you from concept, to filming, to editing, and to distribution. That means that we don't just make videos. We discover stories, capture moments, create art, and connect it with the public. In addition to documentary film production, we offer services in photography, writing and design.

Who We Are
We are a DC-based husband and wife team with experience producing films independently, on commission, internationally, and in both short and long form. Tessa Moran has a background in journalism having covered health care policy and economics in DC before moving to film. She continues to write freelance art and feature articles for local publications. Ben Crosbie has a background in photography and digital media, having worked for the National Geographic Channel's digital media department. He continues to take and publish his still photographs. Tessa and Ben are both graduates of Georgetown University.

While we push ourselves toward an aesthetic ideal, we recognize that life is unpredictable. The challenge of documentary is to respond to the twists and turns of life, not seeing them as obstacles, but as opportunities.

Like no other medium, documentary narrative can spark lively discussion, thoughtful reflection, and rousing activism. Let us be a part of your mission.
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