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Checking facts
by Kevin Marsh
Back in 1988 - yes, it really was that long ago - the former BBC...

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Focus on The Election
Test what you know about voting and the Westminster parliament

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BBC gives way on local, promising more links
by Dominic Ponsford
Ever since the BBC first mooted plans to move into ultra-local video news five years ago, regional newspapers have been ultra sensitive about the corporation's...

The future of BBC funding
by Simon Ford
An item on BBC Radio 4's Today programme (Saturday 6 March 2010) provided a possible insight into how the BBC will be funded in the...

The reality behind 'the new media election'
by Glenwyn Benson

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Inside BBC Journalism  
Running the breakfast show
BBC Radio Bristol producer Sophie Woodcock talks about how she keeps the station on air and on track in the morning.
Inside BBC Journalism is a new series of films in which staff talk openly and in detail about their jobs - what they love, what they hate, and how they got them.

Fit for the Future: SEO
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Mark Flashman and Natalio Cosoy, from BBC World Service Future Media and Technology, talk about what journalists can do to optimise news content for the web.

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