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19 Apr 2004 - 17 Oct 2022
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Richard O. Prum, Ph.D.
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Prum w/Rupicola
Richard O. Prum, Ph.D.
William Robertson Coe Professor of Ornithology,
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology,
Peabody Museum of Natural History
email: richard.prum@yale.edu
phone: 203-432-9423
fax: 203-432-5176
Campus Address:
Environmental Science Center (ESC) 164
21 Sachem Street
Mailing Address:
Yale University
Box 208105
New Haven, CT 06520-8105 USA
I am an evolutionary ornithologist with broad interests in diverse topics, including phylogenetics, behavior, feathers, structural color, evolution and development, sexual selection, and historical biogeography.
My recent research has focused on theoretical and molecular studies of the development and evolution of feathers, developing and applying new tools for the study of the physics and evolution of structural coloration, and continued efforts in phylogenetic ethology of polygynous birds (Link to Research page). I have conducted field work throughout the Neotropics and in Madagascar, and have studied fossil theropods in China. I am Curator of Ornithology in the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History and Head Curator of Vertebrate Zoology.

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