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Press Contacts
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Robert Christie
Senior Vice President
Corporate Communications
(212) 556-1981
Diane McNulty
Executive Director
Community Affairs & Media Relations
(212) 556-5244
Abbe Serphos
Public Relations
(212) 556-4425
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Below are listed e-mail addresses for The Times's newsroom. Please use this contact information to send press releases.
To report tips: news-tips@nytimes.com
Arts & Culture: thearts@nytimes.com
Business: bizday@nytimes.com
Editorial: editorial@nytimes.com
Foreign: foreign@nytimes.com
Letters to the Editor: letters@nytimes.com
Metro: metro@nytimes.com
Sunday Metropolitan: metropolitan@nytimes.com
National: national@nytimes.com
Sports: sports@nytimes.com
Washington: washington@nytimes.com
To contact a specific reporter, click on the byline of one of his or her articles to access the reader e-mail form. You can also find any reporter's archive here (alphabetized by last name; reporters' names are italicized): Times Topics: People

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