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A New Look for the Facebook Blog
As you visit the Facebook Blog today, you'll notice something different...
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Facebook Watch out for suspicious gift-card offers. We’ve recently removed some offers that promise gift cards but instead trick people into providing information or spamming friends. Be sure offers are from legitimate retailers and follow other Facebook Security tips at http://bit.ly/12DNVg​.
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Facebook Story of the Week: How one woman and her friends turn to their Facebook connections for modern-day comfort, advice and camaraderie.
Like a good neighbor, Facebook is there | Deseret News
Women thrive best when they are in community. In a far-flung world defined by upward mobility and scattered extended families, by fragmented lives and hectic schedules, Facebook provides instantaneous connection with other women equally eager for relationship.
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Educating Older Adults on Broadband's Benefits
Debra Berlyn has nearly 20 years of consumer advocacy experience and is a leader on online safety issues. We've asked her to share her thoughts about helping older individuals embrace Facebook and other Internet services. Today, she is launching Project GOAL (the Project to Get Older Adults onLine)...
April 6 at 9:38am · Comment · Like
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Responding to Your Feedback
On Saturday, we concluded the notice and comment process for our latest set of proposed changes to Facebook's governing documents. This was the fifth time we've previewed new policies and asked for feedback since we adopted this framework early last year...
April 5 at 9:42pm · Comment · Like
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Connecting with Emily Liebert: Author of 'Facebook Fairytales'
At Facebook, we're constantly connecting with interesting people—from experts and researchers to celebrities or visitors to our office. Occasionally, we'll share these conversations on the Facebook blog in our "Connecting with..." series. ...
April 5 at 11:21am · Comment · Like
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Love Thy Neighbor on Facebook
Meeting the new neighbors no longer requires a Welcome Wagon. Neighbors instead are turning to Facebook to build a greater sense of community online to complement the traditional block parties and neighborly door knocking...
April 2 at 11:34am · Comment · Like
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Facebook Story of the Week: A Tennessee cancer patient connects with an experimental treatment thanks to the pleas of his friends and supporters on Facebook.
April 1 at 2:52pm · Comment · Like
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Facebook The week-long comment period for the proposed changes to the Privacy Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities ends soon. Tell us what you think by going to the "Documents" tab of the Facebook Site Governance Page. For more information about the changes, read our blog post.
Another Step in Open Site Governance
Nearly a year ago, we committed to an open and transparent system of governance for Facebook. Specifically, we now post all proposed changes to our governing documents before they go into effect and solicit feedback on these proposals from the people who use Facebook.
April 1 at 10:29am · Comment · Like
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