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KSE Documentation for Content Authors
Quickstart Guide to KSE
Synopsis: New to KeySite Enterprise or looking for a brief refresher? Read this guide.
Adding Users to Your KeySite Enterprise Site
Synopsis: If you're a Site Administrator, this guide shows you how to add, remove and manage users on your site
Best Practices in Applying Header and Text Styles
Synopsis: Using headers and other formatting appropriately makes your content easier to read and helps search engines rank your site.
How to resize an image
Synopsis: This documentation will demonstrate how to resize exisiting images with an online tool.
HTML Editor User Guide - Toolbar Overview
Synopsis: See this cheat sheet on the tools and features of KSE's HTML editor.
How to Create an Anchor Tag in Keysite Enterprise
Synopsis: Anchor tags allow you to link from one area of a web page to another.
Creating and Removing Sections
Synopsis: Sections are an important feature in organizing pages on a Web site. Find out here how to tidy your site.
Creating Web Page Links to GUShare Documents
Synopsis: Discover how to use GUShare to share a large collection of documents or documents larger than 1MB.
Creating a Link to Secured Page
Synopsis: Use this guide to create links to secured pages.
Tips & Tricks
Using Archives to Restore Deleted Web Pages
Synopsis: Retrieve prior copies, lost content and accidentally deleted work.
Editing Section Properties
Synopsis: This documentation will demonstrate how to edit sections in terms of renaming them and hiding them from navigation.
Customizing Your KSE Preferences
Synopsis: Four easy steps to customize KSE. Increase the screen space when editing your Web pages. List more items in a section or collection.
Product Announcements
New , Easy-to-Remember URL for KeySite Enterprise (Mar 28, 2007)
KSE Supports International Characters (Dec 19, 2006)
KSE Compatible with Internet Explorer 7 (Dec 8, 2006)
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