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Radio in Afghanistan
As World Press Freedom Day approaches on 3 May, Shirazuddin Siddiqui reflects on how radio educates – and entertains – Afghan citizens in a continuing time of crisis and conflict.  Read more
Communicating justice: from Freetown to The Hague
Mariama Fornah is the first – and only – female journalist from Sierra Leone to report on the trial of war crimes suspect and former Liberian leader, Charles Taylor. She tells her story.  Read more
Journalism and election coverage in Tanzania
In the run up to presidential elections in Tanzania, Jimmy Innes reports from Dar es Salaam on the importance of a free and vibrant media.  Read more
World Service Trust named 2010 Climate Change Communicator of the Year
Africa Talks Climate is named 2010 Climate Change Communicator of the Year on 40th annual Earth Day.  Read more
How can East Africa’s slum dwellers have access to quality healthcare?
Tom Japanni reports from Nairobi on how investigative research reporting is helping to improve health systems across East Africa’s slums.  Read more
Nepal: Maternal and child health
An intensive, three-year media and community outreach initiative to provide women and families across Nepal with basic practical maternal and child health information.   Read more
Kashmir: Conversations for Change
Affected by an ongoing territorial dispute between India and Pakistan, everday people in Kashmir often bear the brunt of conflict and political instability. But what are the daily realities for local citizens and where can they discuss their concerns?  Read more
Creating socially responsible media platforms in the Arab world
A new project enabling vulnerable, marginalised and disenfranchised groups in Arabic-speaking communities to engage with social media.  Read more
Angola: electricity after 30 years
The 100 Duvidas (100 Doubts) radio programme helps restore electricity to a neighbourhood in Luanda that had lived without it for 30 years. Soren Johannsen reports.   Read more
Raila Odinga: "Africa Talks Climate is relevant and significant now"
Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga joins Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai at the launch of Africa Talks Climate in Kenya.  Read more
Delivering a lifeline for Haiti
Lisa Robinson reports on Connexion Haiti, the BBC's emergency lifeline radio programme helping Haitians cope with the effects of the earthquake.   Read more
Latest jobs: Technical Trainer, Sierra Leone
A short-term assignment with our Governance and Transparency Fund programme in Sierra Leone as a radio technical trainer for two local radio stations.  Read more
Chile responds to earthquake and tsunami crisis
After years of building its media sector and disaster preparedness policies, what are the learnings from Santiago to Port-au-Prince? Lisa Robinson reports.  Read more
Handling issues of homosexuality in Uganda’s media
As we wrap up a project on democracy and media in rural Uganda, international trainer Rachael Borlase explains the difficulties in tackling one of the country’s most contentious human rights issues.  Read more
India: risking all to rescue a condom
Sabrina Siddhu reports from Delhi on the India team’s latest phase in the condom normalisation campaign.  Read more
Iran's information spaces
Can anything be done to prevent repressive governments from taking control of cyberspace? Iran Project Director, Mahmood Enayat gives an insight into the Iranian experience.  Read more
One million calls for Janala
BBC Janala, our innovative English language learning project in Bangladesh, has served a million lessons in just three months.  Read more
Soap operas with a mission
How can drama deliver health over the airwaves? Research Manager Tim Cooper and actress Felicity Finch discuss how powerful storylines can change behaviour and save lives in Nigeria and Afghanistan.  Read more
Award for Sajha Sawal presenter Narayan Shrestha
Narayan Shrestha, the presenter of Nepal’s popular TV and radio debate show Sajha Sawal, has won Today’s Youth Asia Young Achievers’ Award.  Read more
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