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23 Apr 2010 - 27 Apr 2017
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30 March 2010
Limiting State-Funded Treatment to Six Illnesses Threatens Patients’ Lives...Minister’s Office and Specialized Medical Councils: We Know Nothing About this Decree
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights warned today that the lives of patients receiving treatment at state expense were under threat after the state-owned al-Ahram reported yesterday, 29 March, that the Minister of Health had issued a decree to limit state-funded treatment to six illnesses: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high-blood pressure, renal failure, and Hepatitis C patients receiving interferon.

24 March 2010
EIPR Welcomes Withdrawal of Flawed Health Insurance Bill, and Asks Minister of Health to Submit a New Bill to the Public to Remedy the Failure of the Latest Bill

22 March 2010
Letter from EIPR to al-Gabali: Ministry Workshop Promotes the Confusion between Generic and Counterfeit Drugs…Workshop’s Recommendations Suggest Less Costly Drugs are Counterfeited

8 March 2010
Government failure to solve the crisis of state-funded treatment is tantamount to abandoning healthcare for the poor

4 March 2010
Workshop Held by the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights Examines the Challenges Facing the Realization of the Right to Health in Egypt
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