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08 May 2006 - 07 Sep 2010
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Extended period for redeeming old banknotes
The Riksdag (the Swedish Parliament) decided on 27 October 2004, following a proposal from the Riksbank that the 100-krona and 500-krona banknotes without a foil strip and see-through picture, the slightly larger 20-krona banknotes with a bluer tone and the silver-coloured 50-öre coins would cease to be legal tender on 31 December 2005.
The Riksbank has decided to extend the redemption period for these banknotes until further notice.However, the extension does not apply to the silver-coloured 50-öre coins.
To redeem the banknotes, you should go to your bank. Any fees for redeeming the banknotes are set by the respective bank.
Invalid from 1 January 2006
Banknote that is still valid
                  Foil strip
       See-through picture

Invalid from 1 January 2006
Banknote that is still valid
                     Foil strip
              See-through picture

The 500-krona and 100-krona banknotes without a foil strip and see-through picture are invalid. The 500-krona and 100-krona banknotes with a foil strip and a see-through picture are still legal tender.
Invalid from 1 January 2006
Measurements: 72 x 130 millimetres
Banknote that is still valid
Measurements: 67 x 120 millimetres

The older, slightly larger type of 20-krona note with a bluer tone is invalid. The newer, slightly smaller version of the 20-krona banknote with a purple tone remains legal tender.

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