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20 Aug 2009 - 19 Dec 2010
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27 May 2010
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The World In 2010 – a unique title
Publication Date: November 12th 2009
The World In 2010 will build on two decades of publishing success: this will be the 24th edition, with a record target circulation of over 1 million. It will be sold in 90 countries and translated into around 20 languages.
The World In 2010 will be specific, numerate and opinionated: a good read. The Economist's writers will be joined by senior editors from other publications, key players from top think-tanks and universities and leaders from the world of business and politics.
It is this mix of contributors that makes The World In uniquely authoritative in its predications of trends and events - and that has won the publication a loyal and continuously growing readership around the world.
Download sale brochure here.
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World In 2009 -
Predictions we got right
Predicting the future is always uncertain however well informed you are. Here are just some of our recent predictions that proved to be right:
UK Economy:
“The British economy will suffer its first recession for 18 years.” 
“The budgetary crisis of 2009 will prove just as damaging to Labour’s credibility as a governing party able both to deliver high public spending and to keep the nation’s finances in good shape.”
“The shift in power to the BRIC countries will quicken: those countries expect a bigger say in how the world will be run.” 

“Talk about (nuclear) abolition is going to grow louder.  And the talkers will not be only the usual dreamers.  Some hard-nosed practitioners of real politic will be joining the fray.” 

“The rich countries face recession, with all that comes with it: bankruptcies, belt-tightening and rising unemployment” 

"[American] unemployment will rise to 7%, perhaps higher”

"the fed will lower interest rates below 1%”

''America's budget deficit is projected to be as high as $1 trillion”

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