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12 Mar 2008 - 1 Jan 2012
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Advantages of a Liberal Arts Degree
Think liberal arts majors can't get a job? Think again.
There is no one-to-one correspondence between what you do during college and what you do after college. Your major choice will not restrict certain career options, nor will it guarantee others. The goal of a liberal arts education is not to acquire discrete technical skills that will launch you into a specific career. Rather, Georgetown College aims to produce exceptional communicators, smart interpreters, fast learners, problem solvers, creative thinkers, and most importantly, interesting human beings. There are no skills more marketable than these.  

According to surveys of recent Georgetown College graduates, the four most common career fields are:
1.    Law
2.    Education
3.    Government/Public Sector
4.    Banking/Investment Banking

Teach for America is the largest employer of College graduates immediately upon graduation. In 2006, Georgetown was the fourth largest producer of Peace Corps volunteers among all private colleges and universities.  

These are but some of the paths that Georgetown College students take upon graduation—yet there are many more and only you can decide the path that is right for you. The College aims to make its students balanced, well-rounded, and skilled in diverse fields in order to prepare them for a career in whatever area they might choose.

What are employers looking for?
Employers want to hire smart, hard-working, well-rounded individuals with good communication and analytical skills. Because these skills are in constant practice in a liberal arts education, you will acquire and hone them in any major you choose.

Employers also seek applicants who can demonstrate an interest in their industry. Your major is only one way to show that interest. You can also seek an internship, be involved in extra-curricular activities, and be prepared to speak thoughtfully and incisively about the issues related to that field.  
Your experiences will combine with your academic performance, resume, cover letter, and interview to paint a picture of you as a job applicant. Your major does not determine your career, but it is a part of the picture, because it is a part of you.

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