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12 Dec 2005 - 09 Jun 2010
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The be.georgetown.edu web site targets students in need of emergency help finding appropriate services, students researching services and options regarding particular safety and health topics and the Georgetown community, including staff and faculty, parents and prospective students. Its goals were to provide a comprehensive, student-centered site that provides easy to navigate topic-oriented content, enable staff to disseminate important health and safety related information in a timely manner and enable contribution of content by multiple departments.
URL: http://be.georgetown.edu/

Campus Ministry
Campus Ministry wanted to redesign its Web site in a way that foregrounds the diversity of religious life at the university. The design, which uses colorful, dynamic photographs and action-oriented navigation, appeals to students of all religious traditions and encourages engagement with both the site’s content and the organization itself. The site’s content is structured to encourage students to reach beyond their comfort zones and learn about a broad range of religious traditions.
URL: http://campusministry.georgetown.edu/

Center for Minority Educational Affairs (CMEA)
CMEA wanted to reach out to current and prospective students as well as parents. The aim was to provide visitors with current content regarding the Center's activities and services. The photography on the site captures Georgetown's culturally diverse and exciting student population
URL: http://cmea.georgetown.edu/
Center for Social Justice
The web site for the newly formed Center for Social Justice, Research, Teaching & Service needed to clearly articulate the wide ranging mission of the center.  It needed to convey action and research in community, classroom and on the global  stage.  Color choices aid in navigation and the design manages to be fluid without affecting the content.
URL: http://socialjustice.georgetown.edu/
Center for the Study of Learning
This website has two vastly different audiences to which it must appeal.  Not only should it speak to researchers looking to form connections with their colleagues at the center, the site also is the gateway to the educational and clinical services of the center.  The consumers of these services are parents of dyslexic children seeking help and answers to their questions.  The jigsaw puzzle theme fits the work of the center very well and mp3 files help make the site particularly useful by a special community.
URL: http://csl.georgetown.edu/
Community Research And Learning Network
CoRAL is an exciting project that truly reflects why we enjoy working with Georgetown clients.  CoRAL is a collaborative between Georgetown and several partner schools in the DC metropolitan region.  Its aim is to act as matchmaker between groups and researchers seeking to engage in community-based learning and research to promote positive social change and advance their social justice missions in the national capital region.  Therefore, the site couldn't look too 'Georgetown' but rather had to reflect the diversity of projects and the goals of the network themselves.  The site started out focused almost entirely around the online application, but has grown to incorporate much more content as the network has matured.
URL: http://www.coralnetwork.org
English for Heritage Language Speakers Program (EHLS)
Because it is a new program, it is essential that the EHLS Web site clearly establish its brand identity and mission. The site’s modern yet sophisticated color palette helps convey a sense of professionalism and credibility, while images of program participants provide a welcoming tone. KeyBridge uses innovative design and navigational techniques to guide program candidates through an easy-to-follow, step-by-step application process.
URL: http://ehls.georgetown.edu/
EnVisionChurch, which is sponsored by the Georgetown Center for Liturgy, is an online network of ecclesiastical art, design, and architecture. KeyBridge developed a custom application to achieve the client’s goal of showcasing the visually rich work of various architects and artists. The site also features a range of special usability tools designed to assist site visitors, such as the ability to adjust text size with a single mouse click.
URL: http://www1.georgetown.edu/centers/liturgy/envisionchurch/
Georgetown College
The College requested that their imagery take center stage in the 2004 redesign.  The long and storied history of the school has been chronicled over the years and this archive could once again be displayed through the web.   The client is responsible for selecting, manipulating and uploading  the pictures, so a large uniform space works well to accommodate a wide range of photography styles and proportions.  The use of blue evokes Georgetown as a whole while punches of color don't allow the blue to overwhelm.  And now work is underway to develop templates for College departments to employ as they themselves redevelop their sites.  This will bring a consistency and professional look to the College as a whole and go a long way to helping users navigate through the many different academic opportunities that the College offers.
URL: http://college.georgetown.edu/
Georgetown Law
Most of our redesigns are part of a larger redevelopment project, including information architecture and graphic design.  In this case, Georgetown Law had recently undergone an architecture revamp, so our mandate was to overlay a new design on an existing structure and layout.  The client was able to very clearly articulate the goals and audiences for the site, so starting the project was easy.  We were also fortunate to have an extensive photography archive to select images from.  We chose to use images in a 'storyboard' fashion, giving a sense of vibrancy, excitement and diversity.  Each 'set' tells a story about the teaching and learning environment at the Law Center. 
URL: http://www.law.georgetown.edu/
Georgetown Summer School
The Georgetown Summer School site aims to reach national and international prospective students and current Georgetown students looking to accelerate their degree program. Through visual cues and content, the site promotes the advantages of enrolling at Georgetown including its strong reputation, location, and curriculum.
URL: http://summerschool.georgetown.edu
Georgetown University
When Georgetown University's GUide committee decided to redesign the main website in 2002, the efforts involved dozens of people from all around the university and many months of research, interviewing and usability testing.  Not only was the information architecture revamped, the brand and communications goals of the university were extensively studied and incorporated as central to the redevelopment effort.  KeyBridge's role was to be an integral partner in the whole process, understanding that a graphic design is only one part of such an extensive project.  The goals were to reflect the history and stature of the university, while at the same time highlighting the exciting research and teaching work being undertaken currently.  The use of the Georgetown blue, typography and seal are important elements in conveying the Georgetown 'look.'  The design has been modified recently to adapt to new efforts to develop dynamic content and changing features.
URL: http://www.georgetown.edu
Georgetown University Medical Center
The GUMC redesign project was intended to effectively communicate GUMC’s brand identity and message, build a sense of community within the Medical Center and for end users, and provide tools for easy maintenance of the web site for all departments and organizations.
URL: http://gumc.georgetown.edu/
Government Affairs Institute
The challenge with this site is to produce a design that both felt 'Georgetown' and reflects the long history of the university, but also draws a strong connection to the work of the federal government, the institute's primary customer.  We achieved this though use of colors reminiscent of Georgetown and strong DC based images.  But it was important to us to incorporate some non-standard DC imagery, knowing that there are many times when we are called upon to invoke the nation's capital.  Our intent is not to simply mimic the DC story in imagery, but to add to it.
URL: http://gai.georgetown.edu/
The complexity of the structure of this site necessitated a lot of creative thinking in the information architecture design.  And because of this complexity, the graphic design has to be simple - supporting the navigation rather than competing with it.  The graphic design has to both appeal to professionals and convey the message of what the center is all about.  The strong primary colors, the fun image and the repeated stars as design elements throughout the site all help support that message.
URL: http://gucchd.georgetown.edu
Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
Unlike most of our clients, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center had the benefit of a fulltime communications director on staff.  So when we were asked to partner in the redesign of their site, we made sure that we brought complementary skills to the process.  In this redesign, KeyBridge acted as design consultant  - helping, advising, making small but significant improvements to the graphic design produced by the client.  The success of the project was largely due to the good relationship built between the client project manager and the KeyBridge graphic designer.
URL: http://lombardi.georgetown.edu/
Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS)
As a top masters program in the area of foreign service, the MSFS website needed to show its prestige as well as incorporate a personal aspect.  Using "MSFS Profiles" showcased through a rotating home page image, prospective students are able to read about the outstanding faculty and see the activities and research that recent and current graduate students are engaged. 
URL: http://www1.georgetown.edu/sfs/msfs/
my.georgetown.edu was one of the fastest developed sites we've worked on. This site had many challenges, including aiming for the quirky side of Georgetown life for the design, as well as having the flexibility to pull data from other sites, such as the weather, and including instant polls and plenty of fresh content.
URL: http://my.georgetown.edu
Office of the President
Every president puts his or her stamp on the universities in which they serve.  President John J. DeGioia wanted his website to not only let people know about him personally, but also about initiatives and priorities for his tenure here.  The site uses KeySite and is easily updated by staff in the president's office.
URL: http://president.georgetown.edu
School of Foreign Service
The School of Foreign Service is the centerpiece of Georgetown's commitment to international education. This design needed to establish the school as very internationally focused, as well as having a very broad curriculum - from literature to politics to religion. Plus being recognizably DC based.
URL: http://www.georgetown.edu/sfs/
The Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs
The design of the Berkley Center Web site highlights the center’s focus on exploring the intersection of religion with contemporary global challenges. KeyBridge used both graphic design and information architecture elements to present an extensive amount of content in a way that is organized and intuitive for users. As part of this project, KeyBridge worked closely with outside vendors to integrate multiple databases of searchable information.
URL: http://berkleycenter.georgetown.edu/
University Information Services
The UIS redesign project aimed to provide the university community with easy access to available tools and information necessary to use technology effectively. In addition, the use of KeySite+ enables content managers to syndicate content over multiple pages and update information automatically.
URL: http://uis.georgetown.edu
Yates Field House
Yates Field House wanted a site that is clean, sporty and energetic.  They also wanted to be able to sell merchandise online through their Pro Shop. The online shopping cart section of this site will be launched shortly.
URL: http://yates.georgetown.edu
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