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Welcome to InternationalStudent.com​, your international student and study abroad online portal for those who are looking to further their education overseas. Please browse our site and learn how you can have an international life.....
International Student Concierge Service
Posted on 6th May 2010
The International Student Concierge Service is the only dedicated concierge service to help and assist international students to find and discover schools that are right for you!
Submit your details and then let us do the work for you and find, match and have those schools directly contact you with information about their programs. We have partnerships with schools all over the USA who are looking to recruit international students - and we will match you directly with them.
Find out more and submit your details today!
Student Blogs
Posted on 2nd April 2010
Keeping up-to-date with current international and study abroad students is a great way to learn about what life is really like when you study outside of your home country. We have three great student bloggers who offer a fantastic insight into what life is like in the USA and when you study abroad in Europe, they include:
The winner of the 2009 Travel Video Contest, Sandy Florenz has taken over the Study Abroad Blog (from Matt, our previous Study Abroad Blogger, who has returned to the US after 2 full years of blogging!) and she is providing a great insight to the prep work needed to study in Europe. Sandy is still preparing herself to study in Italy and she will be charting the trials and tribulations as she gets ready for her adventure!
The second and third bloggers are Lindo Lindo and Laura Herrejón. Lindo Lindo, from the Philippines joins Laura on our Study in the USA Blog. You will remember Lindo from our Travel Video contest and his hilarious spoof video that won a prize. He is charting his adventures as he studies in the USA under the Global UGrad program at North Central University in Illinois, and we really look forward to hearing more from LL!
ISE Student Discount Card
Posted on 5th November 2009
For most international students, money is always a major concern as you need to pay for flights abroad, tuition and all the other many related expenses of living and studying in a foreign country. Luckily we are here to help with the ISE Card which provides students under the age of 26 with an international student discount card with savings and offers all around the world.
Some savings are as much as 50% off of the normal price - just with possession of this card! So at only $25 per card - this is a huge saving that you can make at attractions, travel and so much more! What's even better you get travel assistance services, airline bankruptcy protection, special student airfares....the list goes on! Get your card today!
Study Advice Centers
Posted on 13th February 2009
When you plan to study in another country, the best way to start is to gather as much information as possible and do as much research as you can to learn about that country. We have created our "Study Centers"​, where you can find information, resources and advice for studying in a particular country. Each center offers information about the country, the culture, the climate, etc.. but will also provide you with detailed information about the education system and how you can prepare yourself to study there.
We currently provide study centers for international students who are planning to Study in the USA, Study in the UK, Study in Australia and our Study Abroad center is for US Students who are looking for a semester (or longer) outside the USA.
New USA Sim Card Options
Posted on 11th February 2009
If you are coming to study, travel or work in the USA and you want a low-cost calling option for both domestic and international calls then your best option would be to purchase a domestic USA based sim card. With the International Sim Card options for the USA, you can purchase either a prepaid T-Mobile or Redpocket Mobile sim card and potentially save hundreds of dollars on roaming costs compared to using your sim card from your home country.
For more information about the various sim card options and their pricing for both calls inside the USA and to countries all around the world, please take a look at the sim card pages. You can also order your sim card online and have it delivered to you anywhere in the world within a few days!
Please also see the following international student programs and services:
Student Immigration
If you have questions, or want to find more information about student immigration such as what a J1 visa or F1 visa is - then please visit our student immigration center for all this information and more.
HTIR Internship Program
HTIR offers “co-op” internship graduate programs for international students coming into the USA. Students work up to 40 hours per week in “practical training” jobs, which they are paid regular wages.
USA School Search
Looks for colleges and universities across the whole of the USA with our USA and International School Search tool. We also have a number of video profiles for virtual tours of campuses and colleges!
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