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14 Jun 2009 - 24 Aug 2011
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Department of Philosophy Faculty
Ordinary Faculty
Frank Ambrosio: Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Hermeneutics, Deconstruction, Existentialism, Dante (Associate Professor; Ph.D. Fordham 1982)
Tom Beauchamp: History of Modern Philosophy, Hume, Bioethics (Professor; Ph.D. Johns Hopkins 1970)
William Blattner: Heidegger, Kant, Phenomenology, Existentialism, Philosophy of History (Professor; Ph.D. Pittsburgh 1989)
Denis Bradley: Thomistic Metaphysics and Ethics, Philosophy of Religion: Kant and Hegel, Plato, History of German Idealism, Classical Political Philosophy (Professor; Ph.D. Toronto 1971)
John Brough: Phenomenology, Aesthetics, Husserl, History of Modern Philosophy (Professor; Ph.D. Georgetown 1970)
Alisa Carse: Moral Psychology, Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics, Feminist Theory (Associate Professor; Ph.D. Pittsburgh 1991)
Wayne Davis: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Logic (Professor and Chair; Ph.D. Princeton 1977)
Alfonso Gomez-Lobo: Ancient Philosophy, Ethics, Metaphysics, Bioethics (Ryan Professor of Metaphysics and Moral Philosophy; Ph.D. München 1966)
Patrick Heelan: Hermeneutic Philosophy of Natural Science, Philosophy of Perception, Science and Religion (Professor; Ph.D. Louvain 1964, Ph.D., Geophysics, St. Louis 1952)
Mark Henninger, SJ: Medieval Philosophy and the Philosophy of Religion (Edward Martin Professor of Medieval Philosophy; Ph.D. UCLA 1984)
Bryce Huebner: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology (Assistant Professor; Ph.D. North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2008)
Steven Kuhn: Logic, Ethics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language (Professor; Ph.D. Stanford 1976)
Mark Lance: Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Anarchism (Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Program in Justice and Peace; Ph.D. Pittsburgh 1988)
John Langan, SJ: Ethics, Political Philosophy (Cardinal Bernardin Chair of Catholic Social Thought and Professor of Philosophy; Ph.D. Michigan 1979)
Neil Lewis: Medieval Philosophy, Metaphysics (Associate Professor; Ph.D. Pittsburgh 1988)
Judith Lichtenberg: Ethics, Political Philosophy (Professor; Ph.D. CUNY 1978)
Maggie Little: Ethics, Feminist Theory, Bioethics (Associate Professor; Ph.D. Berkeley 1994)
James Mattingly: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics (Associate Professor; Ph.D., History, Philosophy of Science, Indiana 2002)
Mark Murphy: Moral, Political, and Legal Philosophy; History of Modern Philosophy (Fr. Joseph T. Durkin, SJ, Professor of Philosophy; Ph.D. Notre Dame 1993)
Terry Pinkard: Hegel, European Philosophy after Kant (University Professor of Philosophy; Ph.D. Stony Brook 1974)
Madison Powers: Political Philosophy, Bioethics (Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics; D.Phil. Oxford 1989, J.D. Tennessee 1974)
Jay Reuscher: Kant, Aquinas, Ethics, Metaphysics, Issues in Neuroscience and Evolutionary Biology (Associate Professor; Ph.D. Fordham 1969)
Henry Richardson: Political Philosophy, Ethics, Practical Reasoning (Professor; Ph.D. Harvard 1986, J.D. Harvard 1981)
Nancy Sherman: Ethics, Moral Psychology, History of Moral Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy and Ancient Ethics, Military Ethics, Emotions (University Professor of Philosophy; Ph.D. Harvard 1982)
Karen Stohr: Ethics, Bioethics (Assistant Professor; Ph.D. North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1999)
Robert Veatch: Bioethics (Professor of Medical Ethics; Ph.D., Religion and Society, Harvard 1971)
Wilfried Ver Eecke: Philosophy and the Ethics of Psychoanalysis, Hegel, Ethics and Economics, Lacan, Contemporary Continental Philosophy (Professor; Ph.D. Louvain 1966)
LeRoy Walters: Bioethics, Holocaust Studies (Joseph P. Kennedy Professor of Christian Ethics; Ph.D., Religious Studies, Yale 1971)
Linda Wetzel: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Logic, Philosophy of Language, Mathematics (Associate Professor; Ph.D. MIT 1984)
Kate Withy: Heidegger, 20th Century European Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy (Assistant Professor; Ph.D. Chicago 2009)
Affiliated Faculty
George Brenkert: (Director of Georgetown Business Ethics Institute; Ph.D. Michigan 1971)
John DeGioia: (President; Ph.D. Georgetown 1995)
George Farre: Philosophy of Nature, specifically Physics, Cognitive Science (Associate Professor Emeritus; Ph.D. , Philosophy and Physics, Johns Hopkins 1959)
Heidi Feldman: (Professor of Law; J.D. Michigan 1990, Ph.D. Michigan 1993)
John Hasnas: (Associate Professor in McDonough School of Business, Ph.D. Duke 1988)
John Keown: (Rose F. Kennedy Professor in Christian Ethics; D.Phil., Law, Oxford 1986)
David Luban: (Professor of Law; Ph.D. Yale 1974)
Mark MacCarthy: (Assistant Professor; Ph.D. Indiana 1975)
Gerald Mara: (Executive Associate Dean; Ph.D., Political Science, Bryn Mawr 1974)
John Mikhail: (Associate Professor of Law; Ph.D. Cornell 2000, J.D. Stanford 2002)
Edmund Pellegrino: (Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Medical Ethics; M.D. New York 1944)
Edward Soule: (Associate Professor in McDonough School of Business; Ph.D. Washington 1999)
Carol Taylor: (Director in Center for Clinical Bioethics; Ph.D. Georgetown 1997)
Heather Voke: Philosophy of Education (Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Senior Scholar in the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship; Ph.D., Philosophy of Education, Indiana 2002)
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