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December 12, 2008
A bisoxazolidine catalyst invention created in the laboratory of Prof. Christian Wolf (1'​R​,2'​R​,3a​S​,3"a​S​,8a​R​,8"a​R​)-(+)-3,3".3a,3"a,8,8",8a,8"a-Octahydrodispiro{2​H​-indeno[1,2-d]oxazole-2,1'-cyclohexane-2',2"-[2​H​]indeno[1,2-d]oxazole}) will become commercially available at Strem (Strem catalog number 07-0488). Though the process of reaching an agreement between Strem and Georgetown University was long, it came together and Wolf’s chiral catalyst will be available for research purposes. The aminoindanol-derived bisoxazolidine has been successfully used in several asymmetric carbon-carbon bond forming reactions. For example, the catalyst allows the synthesis of propargylic alcohols and nitroaldol products in excellent yields and enantiomeric excess.
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