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PDF Instructions

When a publication is posted on the Internet, it must be in a form that can be read by different computers. Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) provides a way to publish complex materials for a variety of computers. The Adobe Acrobat Reader software required to view PDF files is available at no cost. It allows the document to be seen on your computer exactly the way it was written.
How do I determine if my computer already has Adobe Acrobat Reader installed?
You can test your computer now to see if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking on this link: test PDF document. If the document opens up and you can read it, your computer already has Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.
What if I am unable to open the test document?
You should download the free Acrobat Reader software from Adobe. Click on the yellow box and the link will take you to Adobe’s Internet site. Follow the steps on the page to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
How do I open a PDF file after I have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader on my computer?
Documents on the OSFS web site indicated as PDF have been prepared using Adobe Acrobat and require the Acrobat Reader software to view them. Just click on the link to the document and your computer will automatically download the document and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Remember that the larger the document the more time required to download.
Can I print 1 or 2 pages from a PDF document instead of the entire file?
Yes, but when printing you must use the page numbers associated with Acrobat and not the numbers printed on the pages. You can find the Acrobat page number at the bottom left corner of the Acrobat Reader window.
To print, choose the print button from the lower menu bar. When the print window opens, choose pages for the print range. Type the beginning page number that you want to print in the first box and the ending page number in the second box. Choose OK to print. To print one page, type the same number in both boxes.
A complete list of OSFS publications available in PDF is located in the publications section of the website. Once you have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader, simply click on the link to the document to download and view.