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Tweets of the Week: Oil, New Jails, Data Transparency
June 18, 2010 | by Brock Boddie
Pogroms or Political Violence? As Stories Diverge, Victims Lost in the Middle http://bit.ly/dk6g2l #freekg
June 17, 2010 6:08 pm via bitly
Cornelius Graubner
Conflict in Kyrgyzstan, oil, new jail construction, and data transparency: highlights from OSI Twitter feeds this week.
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Posted in: Governance & Accountability, Justice
Topics: criminal justice reform, follow friday, honduras, Kyrgyzstan, oil, transparency
Can South Africa Fight Poverty with Soccer?
June 18, 2010 | by Ozias Tungwarara
The World Cup is expected to boost South Africa's economy and create hundreds of thousands of jobs. But will it translate into improved livelihoods for the poverty-stricken 43% of the population, or aggravate already-existing frictions?
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Posted in: Africa, Governance & Accountability
Topics: economic development, Ozias Tungwarara, poverty, Soccer World Cup, South Africa, xenophobia
“Roma Communities Need Results, Not Promises”
June 17, 2010 | by Andy Haupert
In this interview, Gelu Duminica of Impreuna discusses his organization's efforts to empower impoverished Roma communities to overcome discrimination in Romania.
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Posted in: Europe, Rights & Equality
Topics: Andy Haupert, antidiscrimination, Roma, Romania
“Bad Medicine”: Doctors, Ethics, and Torture
June 15, 2010 | by Nancy Chang
Doctors in the United States are taught "First, do no harm." But what ethical and legal standards govern when a medical professional who works for the CIA is present when "enhanced" interrogation methods are applied to a detainee?
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Posted in: Governance & Accountability, Health, Justice, Rights & Equality, United States
Topics: CIA, doctors, human rights, international law, interrogation, medicine, Nancy Chang, torture
Recent Posts
June 15, 2010 | by Darian Pavli
"You are in a country with no laws," rendition victim Khaled El-Masri was told by his U.S. captors in the Kabul prison known as the Salt Pit.
While the United States may not want to acknowledge how it tore Khaled El-Masri's life apart, European pressure may well compel the U.S. to finally come clean.
Take a closer look at the political, social, and physical landscape of Kyrgyzstan, and keep up to date on latest developments in the crisis.
Roma activists from Bulgaria, Hungary, Kosovo, Serbia, and Romania visited the United States to learn about African-American communities and their struggle for civil rights.
The gulf oil spill, the politics of the World Cup, and more: a few highlights from our Twitter feeds.
In 15 years of working to get people with mental disabilities out of institutions, or preventing them from ever having to enter them, I’ve become more ambitious. If we can get 10 people out, why...
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Thought-provoking RT @danmcquillan "open data doesn't empower communities" http://bit.ly/bCz9ko
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Can South Africa Fight Poverty with Soccer? http://bit.ly/cUMP9o
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Journalists: Focus on real issues, less on salacious details, when reporting on sex trafficking http://bit.ly/aejXqB
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UNESCO Tables Grotesque Obiang “Prize” http://bit.ly/aRQ57t via @harpers#corruption
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