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Financial Institutions: Foreign Officials Inquiry
Released by the Bureau for International Narcotics
and Law Enforcement Affairs
U.S. Department of State, January 17, 2001

You have reached the Foreign Officials Inquiry webpage, a service provided by the U.S. Department of State.
Pursuant to the Department of Treasury's "Guidance on Enhanced Scrutiny For Transactions That May Involve the Proceeds of Foreign Official Corruption," released on January 16, 2001, financial institutions doing business within the United States may decide to contact the Department of State to inquire whether a particular individual holds a position in the executive, legislative, administrative, military or judicial branches of a foreign government. Although the U.S. Department of State cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided, responses will be provided to the extent possible based on information available to the Department. The Department of State advises financial institutions employing the guidance to undertake further due diligence to discern more information related to the concerned individual.
Please complete the following form, providing the requested information on the individual in question, and fax the completed form to U.S. Department of State, Foreign Officials Inquiry Webpage at 202-736-4515​. A response will be provided to you via E-mail.
Please fax completed form to:
U.S. Department of State, Foreign Officials Inquiry Webpage
A * designates the minimal information necessary for the State Department to process an inquiry. Providing information beyond the necessary minimum will most likely facilitate our inquiry and allow us to respond more promptly.
1. Individual's Information
Last Name*_______________________________________
Middle Name*_______________________________________
First Name*_______________________________________
Date of Birth*_______________________________________
Listed Address_______________________________________
Country of Citizenship*_______________________________________
Foreign Government With Which the Individual Is Thought to Be Associated*_______________________________________
Position Which the Individual May Claim to Hold_______________________________________
Passport Number_______________________________________
Other Identifying Numbers_______________________________________
Any Additional Identification Information_______________________________________
2. Requesting Party
Name of Financial Institution*_______________________________________
E-Mail Address*
(a response will be
provided to this address)
Contact Person/Phone Number_______________________________________
3. Questions/Comments