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25 May 2000 - 25 Sep 2015
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U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE 95/APRIL EARTH DAY 25 EVENT AT THE CSD-III EARTH DAY 25 EVENT AT THE CSD-III: THE FORESTRY AND ENVIRONMENTAL INGENUITY OF INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES - SUCCESS STORIES SUMMARY A special presentation and reception in honor of Earth Day 25 focusing on environmental success stories of native communities in the U.S. and throughout the Western Hemisphere*. The U.S. Delegation to Third Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development, principals, native group representatives and other special guests celebrate contributions to sustainable development of indigenous groups of the Americas. The event will include exhibits, films, and a special dance performance. PURPOSE Several indigenous groups in the Americas offer keen insights about sustainable development, biodiversity conservation and management of natural resources. Learning about these practices and perspectives can help us improve our environmental stewardship. Furthermore, the United States, given the sophisticated legislation and experience of the Native Americans, has much to share with the international community and domestic audiences on the subject. The CSD conference and the 25th anniversary of Earth Day are fitting occasions to advance this theme of cooperation toward a sustainable future. PARTICIPANTS & FACILITATORS Department of State (Ambassador Mark Hambley, Special Representative to the CSD), Department of Interior (Bureau of Indian Affairs), USDA, USUN, AID; representatives of selected indigenous groups throughout the Hemisphere*; non-governmental organizations supporting indigenous environmental initiatives. WHERE United States Mission (12th Floor) to the United Nations, 799 United Nations Plaza, New York City. WHEN During the Commission on Sustainable Development meeting (3rd Session). April 20th, 6:00pm to 8:00pm. SUCCESS STORIES *Some examples of success stories illustrating the convergence of conservation, principled behavior and innovative economic progress include: 1) revitalization of tropical forests in Panama by the Kuna; 2)innovative forestry by the Menominee tribe in Wisconsin; 3) sustainability practices of the Haisla in British Columbia, Canada; 4) Hoopa Tribe involvement in the Old Growth Forests of the North West; 5) rituals and dance by representatives of the Quichua Indians of Ecuador. CONTACT LIST FOR CSD-III/EARTH DAY 25/FORESTRY OF INDIGENOUS GROUPS Government Interior- Cathy Washburn (#208-3101 FAX501-8901) Will give proposal to Babbitt's COS Monday; if not Babbitt, maybe Ida Deer (head of Bureau of Indian Affairs); will speak middle of next week USUN- Bisa Williams (#4-4296 FAX4-9141) She says that would need an official proposal sent up. It's something Amb Victor Morario may be interested. They don't generally have money for this kind of thing. The logistics can work. AID- Dan Putterman (703-875-4622) Biodiversity prospecting; has info on some success stories (Mike Benge for example is sending over Jan '94 report called Natural Resources Management on Tribal Lands; also examples b/w groups & private sector- Chile/Argentina American Cyanamid/Posters/Joshua Rosenthal NIH #301-402- 6522) Other contacts: Jeff Brokah (Summit of the Americas); Mike Philly; Twig Johnson. U.S. Forest Service- Walter Donne (205-4972) Very involved with efforts here and internationally pertaining to forestry and indigenous groups; he's organized workshops on the subject. World Bank- Shelton Davis (473-3413) engaged UNDP- Paul Amar USIA- Tom Mullins A worldnet on indigenous groups in Latin Americas (we have the Video) Organizations Amazon Coalition- Melina Selverston(637-9718) good ideas of stories, potential speakers and materials; Mtg. Wednesday Inter-American Diologue- Donna Lee Van Cott(822-9022) Mtg. Wed Rain Forest Action Network Sharon Wright stories; video Others- Conservation International, World Resources Institute National Museum of the American Indian, Indian Law Center, Inter- American Foundation, Healing Forest Conservancy Private Sector Contacts- Pharmaceutical Companies
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