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U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE 95/02/14 NEWSLETTER ON EARTH DAY 25 #1 (FEB. 14, 1995) EARTH DAY UPDATE U.S. EMBASSY - USIS EARTH DAY PLANS -- The Department of State, USIA, USAID, and Peace Corps have sent out cables to U.S. Missions overseas to encourage an international involvement in this yearâs 25th anniversary of Earth Day....Feedback from posts: Embassy Port Au Prince (Schrager), plans to promote civic education with an initiative called ãPlanting the Seeds of Democracyä; Manila (Harley) will feature the ãKapihan Sa Kalikisanä, a Filipino tradition bringing together media and public policy makers during a special breakfast to discuss environmental reporting; Amman (Kovach) will do entire day activities leading up to Earth Day focusing on, among other topics, water pollution - awareness campaigns and prevention methods. GLOBE MOVES FORWARD -- Environmental education and the Vice Presidentâs initiative for Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) will move into the pilot phase by Earth Day. GLOBE will link schools in the U.S. and around the world to an environmental network through which children interact by doing experiments and contributing scientific data (Lyn Wigbels at GLOBE #202-395- 7600/FAX395-7600/ INTERNET: lwigbels@globe.gov). ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM SUPPORT IS CATALOGUED -- In honor of Earth Day 25, the State Department - with the help of USIA and contributions from U.S. agencies and non-governmental organizations - is creating a catalogue of environmental information, activities and directories that is intended for international use, to be available to posts and NGOs overseas early in March. (Lori Brutten at STATE/OES #202-736-737/FAX202-647- 0774/INTERNET: lbrutten @state.gov ). SPECIAL EVENTS -- In Washington DC April 21st and 22nd: the 25th Anniversary National Earth Day Concert includes speakers and music entertainment to benefit the environment - the event is likely to be available to several hundred international media outlets (Denise Gaumer at Concerts for the Environment #612-338-5485/FAX612-338-7154); also on the Washington Mall during these days will be numerous exhibits and festivities including presentations by Native American leaders, which could include an international dimension More info on these events coming in a later newsletter. INTERNATIONAL EARTH DAY OFFICES -- Earth Day CANADA 114 Front St. West #250, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5J-2L7 #416-599-1991/FAX416-599-3100 Earth Day International GERMANY An den drei, Hasen 22, 61440 Oberusel, Germany, # 49-6171- 59110/FAX49-6171-59183 Earth day JAPAN C/O Undo Zenkoku Center, 1-7-3 Hirakawa-dho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102, Japan #81-3-3234-3844/FAX81-3-3263-9175 Earth Day RUSSIA 101 Prospect Mira, Suite 1213, Moscow, Russia 129812 #7-095-287-1031/FAX70095-956-3255 Earth Day International CHINA C/O Ms. Bei Lei, Scientech Documentation, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China, 10081 Earth Day CARIBBEAN Caribbean Conservation Association, The Garrison, St. Michael, Barbados #809-426-9635(3)/FAX809-429-8483 Earth Day International Developing Countries Network Global Futures Network, 73 A Mittal Tower-Nairman Point, Bombay, INDIA #91-22-40021/FAX91-28-71250 Earth Day International in the UNITED STATES C/O Gary Herbertson, The Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA 90802 #310-499-1776/FAX310-866-2787
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