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U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE 95/04/12 NEWSLETTER ON EARTH DAY 25 EARTH DAY 25 UPDATE #5 (April 12, 1995) OVERSEAS FOCUS: EARTH DAY IN EUROPE Plans are underway in U.S. Missions throughout Europe to promote environmental stewardship in honor of the 25th anniversary of Earth Day: Embassy Paris (John Kyle Boice) will involve the broader French community in this year's Earth Day by inviting over a 100 people to participate in the post's Worldnet session on the "State of the World in 1995". The Embassy is also looking to improve its recycling program (initiated last year by intern Michael Goltzman) which, according to Ambassador Harriman helps "to ensure our government becomes more efficient and our work places safer and healthier". Embassy Prague (Williams) will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Earth Day by highlighting Vice President Al Gore's initiative called Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE). The Czech Republic will formally sign the GLOBE agreement with the United States on April 20th.. Additionally, a GLOBE training conference was held in Prague from April 3-7. The embassy will use the momentum generated by these two events to promote the GLOBE program in the period leading up to Earth Day and beyond. Embassy The Hague (Dornbush) is devoting attention to environmental concerns throughout the spring season, from March to June. Over 100,000 children in the Netherlands planted 300,000 trees for "Tree Day" on March 22. On April 21, the Ambassador will hold a Mission-wide town meeting to inaugurate a recycling drive to raise awareness among Mission employees. And leading up to World Environment Day (June 5), the Embassy plans to take steps to implement the GLOBE program. Among a number of other efforts by U.S. Missions in Europe, Embassy Lisbon - USIS (Bagely), in conjunction with a major Portuguese NGO and the University of Lisbon, is sponsoring a conference on solid waste disposal, urban planning, clean water, oceans and environmental technologies. BEYOND EARTH DAY On April 24th at the Department of State exhibit hall, Under Secretary for Global Affairs Timothy E. Wirth, will host a USG-NGO gathering and forum to recognize the many accomplishments and innovative efforts on behalf of 25 years of Earth Day as well as chart future directionsfor global stewardship of the environment. Climate change, biodiversity and coral reef conservation, and building sustainable communities will be among the issues to be discussed. INDIGENOUS GROUPS TO BE HONORED FOR THE 25TH International Attention: the Delegation of the United States of America to the Commission on Sustainable Development is having a reception and special presentation celebrating the environmental ingenuity and sustainable practices of indigenous communities of the Americas. The event scheduled for April 20 at the United States Mission to the United Nations in New York City, will include remarks from representatives of native groups, a special film, exhibits and a dance performance. A Native American Earth Day Program entitled "A Gathering for the Earth" will take place on the National Ellipse in Washington DC from April 21-23. The program features a special sunrise service on Friday followed that afternoon by a national video conference with native elders and scientists to be broadcast to schools, colleges, universities, and communities. Activities on the agenda for the weekend include traditional dancing, story telling, special remarks as well as musical appearance by Joanne Shenandoah, Oneida. Project Earthlink is sponsoring the event, with coordination from the U.S. Department of Agriculture along with the other government agencies and Haskell University. (Contact: Linda Greczy, Tel. 202-401-3806, FAX 202-401- 3812). Contact Michael Schneider or Robb Hirsch in the Office of Global Affairs at the Department of State for more information: Tel. (202) 647-6240 Fax. (202) 647-0753. Internet: global@state.gov (Internally, use:"Global Issues" as the unclassified e-mail address. Send messages to this address if you know others who want to be included on distribution list for updates).
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