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19 May 2000 - 25 Sep 2015
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U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE 95/APRIL: EARTH DAY 25 -- SERVICE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT SERVICE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AN EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVE BEGINNING EARTH DAY 25 Summary In honor of the 25th anniversary of Earth Day and annually, dedicate the period from Earth Day 25 (April 22) to World Environment Day '95 (June 5) to "Service for the Environment" involving schools worldwide and engaging young people in the spirit of environmental involvement. Encourage ongoing learning, service and sharing via an Internet connection called "GreenServe" and with educational materials. When Begin with the period from Earth Day (April 22) to World Environment Day (June 5) as a special annual season for environmental service. Foster ongoing efforts to serve the environment all year round. Participants Primary, secondary and college level schools overseas that are affiliated with U.S. public and private institutions (DOD & State overseas schools, GLOBE schools, Peace Corps assisted schools, etc.), overseas international and local schools, voluntary youth and environmental organizations abroad with ties to American NGOs (e.g. Sister Cities, EarthWatch, National Geographic Society...), also schools and groups in the U.S. that want to participate. Format (1)To foster global environmental involvement and awareness among young people, schools and youth groups are encouraged to engage in environmental service (from Earth Day to World Environment Day and ongoing) with projects of their choosing - such as the clean-up of special urban areas, parks or beaches, tree planting on community grounds, developing a local recycling program, or an outdoor environmental science project or contest. (2)Then schools and groups record their experiences and share lessons learned and ideas for service via "GreenServe" Internet, fostering distance learning about global environmental activity. To participate in the Internet discussion group, send an Internet E-mail message to: "majordomo@econet.apc.org" and in the text of the message type: "subscribe greenserve". The initial phase of Internet interactions should occur by June 12, 1995. (3)In addition to the GreenServe Internet, link together via media coverage students internationally and in the U.S. that participate in Service for the Environment to enable public awareness of their efforts. Facilitators Department of State, Peace Corps, AID, USIA, DOD, USDA Global Change Program, Department of Education, GLOBE, Americorps/Vista, Campus Green Vote, National Geographic Society, EarthWatch, The National Environmental Education & Training Foundation, Center for Environmental Citizenship, Center for Environmental Education, Sister Cities, others. Responding to the new era of international cooperation and public participation, where global communication is possible at the touch of a computer keyboard, the Department of State is committed to working with young people at home and abroad on the great challenges and opportunities we now face. Among these, are a host of environmental issues that increasingly are engaging the imaginations and concerns of young people. Linking our desire for outreach and our concern for the environment, the U.S. State Department and non-governmental organizations have begun a global educational initiative known as "Service for the Environment." The goal is to help schools and youth groups around the world as they organize environmental service efforts throughout the school year, particularly during the special period from Earth Day (April 22) to World Environment Day (June 5). "Service for the Environment" will help young people look for ways to work together with their communities in hands-on projects such as planting trees, or cleaning up streams. An Internet system called GreenServe has been established to enable schools and youth groups participating in environmental service initiatives to share experiences and exchange ideas. GreenServe will facilitate distance learning and awareness of the global environment. It is our hope that through service and the exchange of creative ideas, young people will learn more about the Earth's ecological systems and environment, and gain an appreciation for the rewards of civic involvement and responsibility. After all, Earth Day is fundamentally about preserving the environment we pass on to future generations. Working together, children and adults, the public and private sectors, communities and states, we can demonstrate our commitment to the Earth's environment, as well as our ability to protect and preserve it. Timothy E. Wirth Under Secretary for Global Affairs Department of State
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