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18 Sep 2010
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Mar 1990 - Internal Ford documents revealed that the Ford Explorer, first offered for sale in March 1990, had a design defect that made it prone to rollovers. Show more
From Encyclopedia of White-Collar & Corporate Crime - Related web pages

Feb 17, 1996 - The Ed Martin saga began on Feb. 17, 1996, when Taylor crashed his Ford Explorer while a number of teammates and potential recruits were in the vehicle. The car accident triggered the first of three investigations into the Michigan basketball program. Those ... Show more
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Feb 8, 1997 - On Feb. 8, 1997, a Saturday night, Cape May, NJ, dentist Eric Thomas, his pregnant wife, Tracy, and their ailing infant daughter, Alix, were on their way to a local hospital. They never made it. The family's Ford Explorer SUV later was found on the side ... Show more
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Nov 3, 1999 - On Nov. 3, 1999, Poust had been dialing his girlfriend on his cell phone when his Ford Explorer blew through a stop sign in Bucks County, causing an accident that killed a 2-year-old girl and injured her mother. The accident led to a lawsuit resulting in a six ... Show more
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www.philly.com/inquirer/home_region/20100219_School_bus_driver_in_fatal_crash_has_spotty_record. html

Jun 11, 2000 - Shinhoster, a former NAACP acting executive director in Atlanta, was a passenger in a Ford Explorer that overturned on June 11, 2000, on Interstate 85. The Explorer was part of a security motorcade - traveling 80 mph in a 70 mph zone - carrying ... Show more
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May 2001 - In May 2001, Ford announced that it would replace 13 million tires on its Ford Explorer SUVs. [Caldwell]. + Using the first three primes we have: 2 3 + 5 = 13. [Trotter] + Alfred Hitchcock's directorial debut was the film Number 13, which was never completed.
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Aug 2004 - The first one, Miller v. Ford, is a case that Mr. Kaster was involved in in Ft. Myers in August 2004. As a result of this case, many of the Ford Explorer documents that had been suppressed by Ford became public. Recently, in Duncan v. Ford in Jacksonville ... Show more
From Ford Explorer Rollovers

Jul 12, 2005 - The Crown played the jury a security video from a nearby pub showing a Ford Explorer like Liana's driving past about 5 am on July 12, 2005, the day she went missing. It was headed in the direction of the parking lot where her vehicle was later found. About ... Show more
From Jury finds Edmonton man guilty in wife's death - Related web pages
www.canada.com/victoriatimescolonist/news/story.html?id=09903f38-01e8-408e-bd51-4917018ca1f8&k= 53980

Jul 5, 2006 - Prosecutors alleged that Delgado was racing another driver on July 5, 2006, when she sideswiped a Ford Explorer on a highway about 30 miles south of San Francisco​. The Explorer flipped and rolled over several times, killing Prince Tu 'ipelehake, 55; his ... Show more
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Jul 26, 2010 - BY SANDRA GUY sguy@suntimes.com Ford unveiled its revamped and more fuel- efficient Explorer by driving it through a giant crate on stage at Millennium Park this morning. The 2011 model will be built at Chicago's South Side assembly plant. Bill Ford Jr., executive chairman and ...
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