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Submitted by Basheer on Wed, 12/30/2009 - 13:24
Following on from a successful field trial, Al Jazeera has deployed an innovative Mobile Reporter solution that allows it's reporters to send it reports directly from the scene of a breaking news event straight to the newsroom.
The Al Jazeera Mobile Reporter's main features include:
- Support for images/videos/audio and any report meta data required
- Ability to edit video within the application
- Sending of multiple media (many images/videos simultaneously)
- Geo-coded to give location of the Reporter - will show on a map within the newsroom console
- Ability to resume from an interrupted upload - great for tackling flaky networks in developing countries
- Email and SMS alerts notify newsroom/web staff of incoming content from the Reporter app
- Easy to use interface
- All uploads are accessed on a simply web console with ability to provision reporters apps remotely
Here are some of the successful use cases for the application during the trial phase. Some or all of the images or videos in the following stories were sent in by Al Jazeera Reporters using the their Mobile Reporter Application:
Laith Mushtaq – Chad explosion – Summer 2008

Jane Dutton - South Africa Elections Diary
Imran Khan - Pakistan Diary
Pakistan diary: Political games - http://english.aljazeera.net/focus/2009/03/2009314143516207526.html
Pakistan troops `make Swat gains'
Pakistan diary: Eye on Mingora
Pictures: Scenes from Swat
Screen Shots
As the crisis continues in Gaza, Al Jazeera is doing its bit to put context around the conflict. We are able to bring the "Mapping the War on Gaza" service in collaboration with the folks at Ushahidi who have successfully used their platform to crowdsource information during recent crisis in Kenya and South Africa.