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04 Jul 2010 - 09 Jun 2021
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Features: The redesigned Google News
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We have launched a significant redesign of Google News. We hope this new format will make it easier for you to tell us which stories and topics interest you the most, keep track of ongoing stories that catch your attention, and share stories with other people.
In order to make sure the new Google News still meets all of your needs, we have described many of our existing features below, along with guidance on where you can find them in our redesigned format. We have described many of our new features, too, and we encourage you to give them a try.
This short video tour of Google News might also answer a few of your questions:

Where are the old features?
Click and expand the features below to learn more...
Top Stories
Breaking News
In The News
Fast Flip
Email a story
All news, Headline mode, Image mode
Select an edition

Which features are new?
Click and expand the features below to learn more...
News for you
List View & Section View
Source Preferences
Rollover for more sources
Weather & Local News
Keyboard Shortcuts

Need more help?
If your question isn't addressed here, we encourage you to visit our Help Forum.
On the forum you can post a question, search for answers from other users, and submit feedback. Google employees also participate in the forum, and we do our best to address the biggest questions that users face.

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