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OSI awards grants, scholarships, and fellowships on a regular basis throughout the year. Applicants can determine their eligibility and view relevant initiatives and application guidelines.
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Call for Applications: European Commission Internships for Young Roma Graduates
Deadline: July 12, 2010
The Open Society Institute offers European Commission internships for young Roma university graduates from all new EU member states (excluding Cyprus and Malta), Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Call for Applications: Human Rights Internship
Deadline: October 1, 2010
The Open Society Institute offers an internship program designed to give recent graduates in the social sciences, law, and humanities first-hand research experience in a human rights organization in Central/Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union.
Call for Proposals: Burma Project/Southeast Asia Initiative
Deadline: July 15, 2010
The Burma Project/Southeast Asia Initiative welcomes proposals from organizations working to promote human rights, independent media, and civil society in the region.
Deadline: October 1, 2010
The Open Society Institute welcomes proposals from a broad range of institutions working in fields such as economics, policy, public health, human rights, and the media.
Deadline: ongoing
The Central Eurasia Project seeks authors for a new series of papers exploring under-researched issues and trends related to democracy and accountability in Central Asia and the South Caucasus.
Deadline: July 16, 2010
The Central Eurasia Project invites letters of inquiry from organizations active in the areas of labor migration, electricity and hydropower governance, and social, economic, and human rights. The deadline is July 16, 2010.
Deadline: July 23, 2010
The Open Society Institute Documentary Photography Project offers support for alternative models of presenting and disseminating documentary photography to the public.
Deadline: ongoing
The Open Society Institute Middle East & North Africa Initiative welcomes grant proposal outlines or concept notes on a rolling basis throughout the year.
Deadline: ongoing
The Think Tank Fund of the Open Society Institute invites talented young researchers to apply for a fellowship for up to three months at one of the leading think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe.
Deadline: ongoing
The Open Society Fellowship supports individuals seeking innovative and unconventional approaches to fundamental open society challenges.
Deadline: ongoing
The Open Society Initiative for East Africa invites applications from pro-democracy organizations and individuals in the region.
Deadline: ongoing
The OSI Human Rights and Governance Grants Program seeks advocacy projects in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union aimed at changing penal policy and/or practice.
Deadline: ongoing
The OSI Think Tank Fund offers support to independent policy centers in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia to promote effective and accountable democratic governance.
Deadline: ongoing
OSI's Arts and Culture Program requests proposals from individuals and organizations that conduct research and explore Roma cultural and social identity in order to empower Roma and promote cultural inclusiveness.
Deadline: ongoing
OSI's Arts and Culture Program requests proposals from individuals and organizations that draw on the power of artistic and expressive culture to help build and maintain open societies in the Caucasus and Inner Asia.
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