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Launched March 2010
Water issues affect us all, from the women who spend hours daily fetching water to political battles over international rivers to melting icepack and rising sea levels. We are all downstream.
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Launched October 2009
In Jamaica one of the challenges in battling HIV/AIDS is a culture that includes strong strands of homophobia, stigma and violence.
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Launched September 2009
The balance of power between strong states was for decades the dominant issue in discussions of international security. But today it is fragile states that are seen by many as posing potentially greater threats.
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Launched March 2009
Climate change means many things, from rising average temperatures to dramatic shifts in rainfall patterns, crop production and sea levels. Pultizer projects from around the world explore the repercussions.
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Launched March 2009
The UN defines food security as "all people at all times hav[ing] both physical and economic access to the basic food they need." Pulitzer reporting explores consequences for the 2 billion people who lack that basic security.
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Launched January 2009
In crisis areas, it is often women and children who suffer most. Countries with underdeveloped economies and countries at war face countless difficulties, but stories of the particular misery faced by women and children are often overlooked.
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