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21 Sep 2009 - 30 Oct 2021
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Nepalese plead for global attention as #climatechange impacts their livelihood, way of life. Via @​globalpost​http://bit.ly/9PSmf4
about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck
Floods mask, but don't cure problems with silting in China's second largest lake http://bit.ly/cQsd7z
about 7 hours ago via TweetDeck
In Sudan, courage in the face of entrenched traditions of child marriage and police indifference to domestic violence http://bit.ly/bVPsUq
12:41 PM Aug 10th via TweetDeck
In response to Copenhagen’s failure, Bolivia holds climate conference to call for CO2 reduction to pre-industrial level http://bit.ly/9gFsTY
10:57 AM Aug 10th via TweetDeck
Diminishing water resources threaten peace in Kenya http://bit.ly/ciKiOW
9:18 AM Aug 10th via TweetDeck
Devastating disaster links Seattle and #Pakistan - creates opportunities for Pakistani girls seeking education http://bit.ly/dixRwO
7:32 AM Aug 10th via TweetDeck
With the release of 'political prisoners,' Fidel Castro makes a string of rare appearances in #Cuba http://bit.ly/94B64M
9:45 AM Aug 9th via TweetDeck
Lancet reports on consolidation of several UN agencies into 'UN Women' to focus on gender inequities & #maternalhealth​http://bit.ly/9wRWDE
9:13 AM Aug 6th via TweetDeck
Bengalese develop frontline strategies to deal with #climatechange by combating cyclones, river flooding and erosion http://bit.ly/9MOAmt
8:32 AM Aug 6th via TweetDeck
South Sudanese remember the death of John Garang, a man they wish were still alive to bring peace to #Sudan http://bit.ly/a5zzrX
7:40 AM Aug 6th via TweetDeck
Wall Street know-how applied to sanitation problems in Kenya's slums http://bit.ly/dmP4hE
1:44 PM Aug 5th via web
Botched urban planning reflects state tyranny in Uzbekistan as Tashkent residents mourn the loss of once-beautiful park http://bit.ly/9H5OM0
1:01 PM Aug 5th via TweetDeck
A Cuban secret operative recounts how most US funds budgeted for pro-democracy programs in #Cuba never reach the island http://bit.ly/cZTte4
11:19 AM Aug 5th via TweetDeck
@​journalismnews relaunches a site for young journalists called Tomorrow's News, Tomorrow's Journalists. Register: http://bit.ly/c3x97G #TNTJ
8:57 AM Aug 5th via TweetDeck
Southern refugees in North #Sudan are finding it difficult to provide for their families after returning South http://bit.ly/c4sYmw
7:32 AM Aug 5th via TweetDeck
#Cuba newspaper has reported that Havana's buildings were falling down at rate of one to three per day http://bit.ly/cn4KRJ
12:28 PM Aug 4th via TweetDeck
Workers in #China - who are dying slow, difficult deaths - are paying the real costs for cheap American products http://bit.ly/bF3bCk
11:52 AM Aug 4th via TweetDeck
Pulitzer Center and @globalvoices team up to offer reviews of blogosphere discussions on global #hunger issues http://bit.ly/a3BZCB
10:45 AM Aug 4th via TweetDeck
Some rebel groups demand Darfur's secession from #Sudan due to poor treatment from Khartoum http://bit.ly/abmP8I (via @​TheSudanTribune​)
7:52 AM Aug 4th via TweetDeck
North and South #Sudan argue over the North/South border, particularly in oil-rich regions like Heglig and Abyei http://bit.ly/diYqkZ
7:07 AM Aug 3rd via TweetDeck
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