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09 Jan 2007 - 27 Jan 2021
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From Democracy's Pages to Law of the Land
News: A letter from Editor Michael Tomasky on the signing of the financial regulatory reform bill -- and the new consumer financial watchdog it establishes that was first written about in Democracy.
Experts Respond to "The Baby Business"
News: Some of the world's leading adoption organizations and experts have responded to E.J. Graff's piece from our last issue.
America 2021: The Military and the World
The Defense Roundtable: Our largest threat: Pakistan. Our alliances: reshuffled by demographics. Terrorism: on the wane (maybe). New frontier for conflict: the Arctic cirlce. Four experts discuss
The Hezbollah Problem
Steven Simon and Jonathan Stevenson: To defang Iran, and help Lebanon and Israel, we must demilitarize Hezbollah. Which means we'll have to talk to them.
The Rove Legacy
Thomas B. Edsall: He concedes nothing. He accepts no responsibility. He blames liberals. Why Karl Rove is still an icon for today's Republicans.
Toward an i-Welfare State
James P. Pinkerton: When will all the benefits of e-commerce come to e-government? A response to the previous issue's symposium on liberalism.
The Debate Inside Iran
Nader Hashemi: Some fascinating Iranian intellectuals are laying the groundwork for democracy. What chance of success do they have?
V-Day in the Culture Wars
Ethan Porter: The culture wars are over, and we've won. We should learn to celebrate that--and move on to the next battle that demands our attention.
Against Despair
Michael Tomasky: How our misreading of history harms progressivism today.
DMV Liberalism
Joe Klein: Good governance--starting with transparency and citizen access--is the predicate for everything else.
What Happened to Women?
Katha Pollitt: Instead of moving to the center, liberalism should try embracing people who are actually liberals—starting with women.
Obama and Civic Idealism
Michael Sandel: Obama can still redefine liberalism, but he must bring economic power to heel.
Radical Sheet
Elbert Ventura: What the short, rumbustious history of Ramparts magazine means for modern journalism.
Wilson, Past and Present
Trygve Throntveit: The neoconservatives turned Woodrow Wilson into something he was not. In truth, Obama is more like him than Bush ever was.
Obama Proposes Consumer Financial Protection Agency
News: President Barack Obama has proposed the creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency, an idea first written about in Democracy.
That Old College Lie
Kevin Carey: Are our colleges teaching students well? No. But here's how to make them.

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