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The Current Scholarship Program is a new effort, initiated by JSTOR and University of California Press, to make current and historical scholarly content available on a single, integrated platform, to provide a single point for librarians and end users around the world to access this content, and to ensure this content's long-term preservation.
Starting in 2011, publishers who participate in the Current Scholarship Program will have both current and historical content from their published journals available on a redesigned JSTOR platform. Current issue prices will be set by participating publishers and will include all content back to the title's "born digital" date. Back issues of journals not included in JSTOR today will be added to the archive.
Libraries worldwide will be able to license the current journals, individually and as part of new current issue collections, simply by adding them to their existing JSTOR license agreement. These libraries will then pay one consolidated JSTOR invoice for all licensed content, including existing back issue collections. Faculty and students around the world will be able to access all licensed content on JSTOR — current issues, back issues, and a growing set of primary source materials from libraries — easily and seamlessly. Publishers participating in the Program will gain visibility and a streamlined, affordable means for reaching libraries and users, while controlling their own pricing and enhancing their brands.
For the 2011 subscription year, 174 titles from 19 publishers are available through the Current Scholarship Program.
Libraries may subscribe to current issues on a Single Title basis or assemble their own custom collections of single titles.
For both Single Title and Collections, JSTOR provides current issue access back to the “born digital” date for each title.  Access will remain fixed back to this date with each additional subscription year. In addition to current issues, libraries may subscribe to full runs of Single Titles (from Volume 1, Issue 1 to present) and Collections.
The following subscription options are available via the Current Scholarship Program:
CSP News & Events
Throughout the month of August JSTOR and Portico are hosting several special breakfast sessions​. During these sessions we will discuss the Current Scholarship Program and outline an expansion of the Portico preservation services.
You can download our complete list of Program Publishers and Titles and our CSP for Libraries handout. If you would like to receive updates about the Program via email, please contact us at support@jstor.org or follow us on Twitter.
Interested in participating in the Program? Please contact us at participation@jstor.org
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