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15 Jul 2007 - 17 Apr 2021
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 Google Terms of Service
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At Google we recognise that knowing your legal rights and responsibilities is important, including when you use our services and products. We spell out those rights and responsibilities in our Terms of Service. You should read the Terms. Really. We also know that legal documents can be boring and that you might not always do what you “should.” So, we’ve tried to give you the basics here.
Remember, the Terms are what you are agreeing to when you sign up or use a Google Service and this summary is not a substitute for reading the actual terms themselves. Ignorantia legis neminem excusat and all that.
This notice offers highlights of the full Google Terms of Service, which describe in detail the terms that apply for the use of Google's products, services and websites (collectively, Google's "services") worldwide. You can also get more information about the legal terms for specific Google services in the navigation bar to the left of this notice.
Your relationship with Google
About your responsibilities
About your content
About Google’s services
We are constantly changing and improving our services. If you’re scared of change, this isn’t the place for you.
We hope that you will enjoy using our services, but we don’t make any specific promises about them being able to work wonders for you, or about their reliability or availability.
Some services contain secret sauce. The secret sauce is supposed to stay secret. Please don’t disclose our confidential information.
Google isn’t responsible for things that might happen to you as a consequence of your use of our services. Unfortunately, everything in life has some risk. We think the benefits are worth it.
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