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25 Jan 1999 - 26 Oct 2021
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by Will Sommer
On May 8, 2007, Department of Public Safety officers were faced with a terrifying prospect: an anonymous caller to the Metropolitan Police Department had threatened to commit “mass murder” inside the Bunn Intercultural Center.
Veterans benefits increased, GU vets not satisfied
Although Georgetown announced this week that it would increase the aid it gives to undergraduate veterans fivefold, veterans’ advocates on campus say the new aid package is still not effective in controlling the cost of a Georgetown education.
GUSA execs reflect on campus promises, new initiatives

GUSA searches for GUTS funding

DPS responds to assaults

Saxa Politica: When Club Lau just won’t do

Hoya defers independence, reflects on diversity progress

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Lightweight crew prepares for Eastern Sprints
Georgetown’s lightweight crew team has spent its entire season preparing for one thing: Eastern Sprints. Even though the crew team is winless so far this season, they are by no means out of the competition. One sign of hope for the team is last weekend’s meet against Princeton and Penn where the Hoyas lost to top ranked Princeton by only 2.4 seconds in the varsity race.
The Sports Sermon

Women win in OT thriller

Hoyas fall in final minutes

Natty Enlightenment

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Shuttering Burleith’s cranky shutterbug
The contentious relationship between Georgetown neighbors and University students hit a new low this week with the rise of DrunkenGeorgetownStudents.com. The site is run by Stephen R. Brown, a cantankerous Burleith resident with a camera and limited website design skills and publishes damning photographs and commentary about the weekend partying habits of his student and “young professionall [sic]” neighbors.
Weekend GUTS routes must continue

New culture of accountability at SAC?

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Lez’hur Ledger: Get those kids off my lawn
Getting out of bed on a weekday is always hard for me, but this Sunday it was almost impossible. I was hung-over, sure, but with The Roots, John Legend, and Sting playing for the Climate Rally on the National Mall, I found my inner strength. Plus, it was free.
Banksy makes bank in Exit Through the Gift Shop
Not senioritis, senior-artists

Summer sequels
Critical Voices: The Hold Steady, Heaven is Whenever
Critical Voices: The National, High Violet
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Summer’s Calling
Earlier this month, I had an interview for a summer job. Walking into the lobby of the building, I was apprehensive about what awaited me beyond the elevator doors. It wasn’t the interview itself that worried me—thanks to the experience I had last summer, I just wanted to see what the place looked like.
Passed out: Voice staffers’ unconscionable Georgetown Days

Outdated data sweep poverty under the rug

Student solidarity in wake of recent sexual assaults

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Up in Beacon
Dear Sonny Jr.,
Last time you wrote you said you wanted to hear some of the old stories back when we had the bar up in Beacon. Your mother won’t be too happy I’m telling you, but you’re old enough, and I’m sure you could use a good laugh with all the tests and essays you have.
The Victims

Street Flash


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Site news: I’m going to the Jersey Shore, bitch!
Vox is going on vacation. I’ll be in New Jersey next week, presumably doing all of those things that I see on MTV nowadays. But all of those gym workouts, tanning, and
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The Worst Idea Georgetown’s Ever Had: Alumni edition
After the alcohol policy’s resounding victory, we’re moving onto a new category: Georgetown alumni. Whose diploma do you wish Georgetown would take back and tear to
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Senior Dis-Orientation: Las Vegas without the strippers
When we think about Senior Dis-Orientation, we don’t typically think about its theme. (We usually think about the free alcohol we’re going to drink, and then, the
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BONUS H8r @$$ review: Arcade Fire, The Suburbs
Three years have elapsed since the little people of the world have been given an opportunity to croon over the desperate dialogues and grandiose compositions of Arcade Fire.
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GU Hospital botches breast cancer tests, closes lab
According to the Washington Post, Georgetown University Hospital suspended work in its molecular diagnostics laboratory after two women were incorrectly told that they did not